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The Fallen
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A Trader's Beginning

“So you are thinking of joining the traders’ guild eh?”

The old man before you appraises you thoughtfully.

“Well, it’s not for me to decide your qualifications, the guild leader will do that. I suppose you come to me for information, like many before you have done,” he smiles.

“Information can be almost as valuable as platinum, so today I give you a valuable gift indeed. When starting out as a trader, you can have a rough time if you do not have any guidance. I’ll give you my best advice but the final choices are up to you of course,” he chuckles.

“First, you’ll want to find the guild and the guild’s leader. Each guild is different but it should not be too difficult.”

Use the DIR command to find your way around town. DIR CHARSIMA will tell you the path to reach charisma training. DIR TRADER will lead you to the trader guild. Entering a number after the destination will give you that many directions. For example: DIR BANK 6, might give a response like:
Directions towards the First Provincial Bank: East, East, East, Southeast, East, and South

“After finding the guild leader, ask them about joining the guild. Fair warning though, the guild leader will size you up and determine if you have what it takes to be a trader. You will be judged on many things from your strength to your intelligence to how charismatic you seem. If you do not match what is expected, you will be offered a chance to train with the leader. I don’t recommend this as it’s not his job to do this so he charges you more for it than a standard teacher would charge.”

The guild leader won’t turn you down on joining based on your race. Some races have bonuses to charisma: Kaldar, Elf and Prydaen. Other races have bonuses to mentals: Elothean and Gnomes. Each race has its strengths and weaknesses but it’s possible to advance in the guild with any race. Choose a race that you find interesting and will have a good time role-playing.

You have some minimums you must achieve in your stats before joining the trader guild.
Strength: 5 Affects with burden and speed of some weapons
Reflex: 5 Affects your dodging creatures and helps avoid mishaps.
Agility: 5 Helps you be more accurate in combat and other tasks.
Discipline: n/a Part of many game formulas. Helps you concentrate on tasks
Charisma: 9 Helps you get bonuses as a trader.
Wisdom: 9 Helps you clear your mind-state when learning something.
Intelligence: 9 Affects how much you can learn in a given time period.
Stamina: 7 Affects how quickly you tire and helps with burden.

The guild leader will train you, but charges you more Time Development Points and coins than you’d have to spend by going to the various trainers around town. Spend a little extra time doing the legwork yourself!

"Once you have proven yourself as an individual to the leader, you will be given a speech on basic trading principles. It would serve you well to listen carefully to everything he tells you. You will have to gain knowledge of a similar nature and prove it to him before he will promote you higher in the ranks of the guild."

After the guild leader finishes speaking with you, do an EXP ALL and record what he has taught you. You will need that many additional ranks of each skill to gain additional circles in the guild.

“Your guild leader should also tell you where to get your ledger, pay close attention! The ledger contains a lot of useful information about trading and trading activities you have completed. You will need to make your way to the shipment minister and order your ledger. I’d recommend spending a bit of time reading it and getting familiar with this valuable tool.”

The ledger has many pages on various outposts and trading activities. You can also study each page to learn some scholarship.

“Bah, likely as not, you’ll want to run off and get started in your career before doing that. Well, I’ll give you what I think is your best path…”

“When you’re starting out as a trader, you have several options. Among these options are contracts, selling to pawnshops, tanneries and other townsfolk. I recommend a combination of several of these activities.”

“You’ll need to hunt some in your career to learn about your armor and weapon skills, so find yourself a good weapon and armor and then go hunt something that you can skin for pelts. If you go to the tannery before your hunt, the tanner will give you a bundling rope for free. Rats are an excellent start to hunting and they are not too dangerous. Attempt to skin every rat and keep the pelts of any that you are successful skinning. After your hunt, take the pelts to the guild and appraise them before bundling them with your rope. Then you can go to the tannery and sell your bundle.”

Make sure you have armor that covers all of your body parts before hunting. ASK <tanner> FOR ROPE to get a free bundling rope. After killing a rat, SKIN RAT to skin each rat and then put the pelt in your backpack. You can APP PELT to appraise each pelt before bundling. ASK <tanner> to APP BUNDLE and then SELL BUNDLE to sell your skins. You’ll learn armor, weapons, some survival, appraisal and trading from these activities. If you sell bundles for others, always whisper the amount you can get to them before selling to make sure the price is okay with them.

“Keep this in mind also, make friends when you hunt. Those friends may someday let you sell their pelts or gems to get themselves a bonus to their earnings. This is a good rule in any activity; make friends along the way.“

“Some of your friends will be hunting goblins and musk hogs before you do, so ask them if you can come out and gather up some of the fallen items from the hunt. Goblins drop cloaks, short swords and other items that most hunters ignore. These items can be taken to the pawnshop and sold for coins. You won’t get rich from it but every coin counts and you can appraise each one before you sell it.”

“Goblins and musk hogs are a lot tougher than rats so be careful in this area and retreat from them often if they engage you. You can also ask other hunters in the area if you can have the items lying on the ground. They probably won’t mind you taking them as long as they’re not gems, coins or boxes of some sort, but always ask before gathering items.”

DIR PAWN will help you find the pawnshop once you’re back in town. Selling to the pawnshop will teach you trading and you can also learn appraisal by appraising the items before selling. APPRAISE MY <item>, then ASK <pawn shop owner> TO APP MY <item>, then SELL MY <item>. A good rule as a trader is ‘appraise everything’, just ask someone before you appraise them as it’s considered polite to ask first.

“You say you’re wanting to earn a bit of trading without hunting? Well, there are ways to do that too. Make your way outside of town and forage for sticks; the northeast gate near Crossing is a good place for this. You won’t find a stick every time you try to forage but keep trying. You can appraise the sticks just like any item and put all that you find into your backpack. You can also learn some mechanical lore if you want to carve the branches. Branches are sometimes too big to fit in a backpack but you can grab one for each hand before you stop foraging. Take the branches and sticks to Mags the firewood peddler. Mags conducts business outside the Collegium of Reflex training. Mags will buy all your sticks and branches. If you’re in Haven, look for Maisey, she’ll buy herbs from you.”

You can learn Foraging, Appraisal and some Trading skill from the above methods. It’s a good thing to do between hunting sessions. A DIR REFLEX will help you find Mags quickly!

“Finally, you can trade contracts if you’re not satisfied with the above methods. I do not recommend this initially as you need to be able to forage grass for the pack animals, pay for the contract and the guild fees that are attached to it. If you practice some of the earlier methods, you will already have a few coins to do this with and some skills that will aid you in contract trading. However, if you do decide to run contracts, familiarize yourself with the locations of all the outposts first. You’ll need to find where the Dirge and Stone Clan outposts are and try to trade in the Crossing area to start.”

Never underestimate the value of a good map. You can easily regret not obtaining one when you’re near Dirge and trying to find the outpost but are lost.

Crossing: This is where you start. You can type DIR TRADER in town to find the guild. When you deliver contracts here, you need to enter the guild at the shipping doors, which are west and north of the guild doors.

For other trader outposts throughout Elanthia, check out some fan created map or Trader websites!

“Ask any minister at any outpost for a contract to start trading. Read your contract to determine where it is to be delivered and head that direction. Get another contract at each outpost you pass along the way. You can only get one contract from each outpost but you can have multiple contracts being delivered at the same time. When you get to a delivery destination, turn in your contract to get paid. If there is a bank in the town, head there and deposit your coins to help avoid theft.”

ASK MINISTER FOR CONTRACT to get a contract, you’ll then need to GIVE CONTRACT TO CLERK to have the shipping dues and goods loaded onto your caravan. GIVE CONTRACT TO CLERK at the destination to be paid. Bank often, the fewer coins you have on you, the less coin that can be stolen.

“Some advice on pack animals, feed them fairly often. They are doing work for you so treat them well. If you decide to rent a caravan instead of using a single animal, you will pay more, but you can have it lead you around to some places. It will mainly stick with the main trade routes, you’ll need to lead it past dangerous areas.”

FORAGE GRASS and GIVE <animal> or GIVE CARAVAN to feed them. TELL CARAVAN TO LEAD TO <destination> will allow them to lead if you are on a main trade route. A caravan will not lead to Tiger or Wolf Clan; you’ll have to lead them.

“When you finish trading, make sure you return your animal or caravan. If you don’t, the animal or caravan will be gathered by the stable and you’ll have to ask the clerk and the stable to get them back. They charge a storage fee so this could be expensive if you’re young.”

Go to a clerk in any outpost and RETURN CARAVAN or RETURN <animal>.

“When you’ve been promoted after joining the guild, you can also try your hand at commodities. To do this, you need to find the commodity pits. Currently, you can find them in the Crossing, Arthe Dale and Leth Deriel guilds. More commodity pits are likely to open someday. To work in commodities you need to read the commodity board. Then, you can buy a quantity of one of the listed commodities. Take these commodities to another outpost that needs them and sell them. You really need to do some research and look around because supply and demand on commodities fluctuates. Without proper knowledge, you may buy some commodity, only to get to another outpost and find that they have a surplus of it already.”

At second level, you can buy and sell commodities. When in a commodity pit, READ BOARD to see what is selling. You can BUY 1000000 to see how many they’ll sell you (basically you’re ordering more than they have to see how many they’ll sell you). Then BUY <amount> <commodity> to purchase the amount you want. Take the commodities to another outpost clerk and SELL <amount> <commodity>.

“Later in your career, you can run interprovincial contracts. These contracts are for trading between the main Guildhalls: Riverhaven, Crossing and Shard. While these contracts pay more, they also take longer to deliver.”

You can do interprovincial contracts at 5th circle but will likely find them more profitable later in your career.

“Other options include the trader shops. Some Guildhalls contain a shop where only a trader can purchase merchandise. An appraising eye can spot objects that can be sold at a handsome profit to those not having access to such a resource.”

Trader Shops are also accessible at 5th circle. The higher you are in the guild, the better your price on items. It’s best to go to the shop with no coins and GET <item> first, or you might accidentally purchase an item. The items in the shop also rotate, so stay in the shop awhile and watch for new inventory to show up as old inventory is rotated out.

“When I grew more experienced in the guild, one of our Guild leaders taught me a very useful skill. I was taught how to speculate on certain things and therefore obtain better results. When you get older, be sure to talk to your Guild leaders; you never know what you might learn.”

At 8th circle, you can learn a new ability. SPECULATE FINESSE is one of the first speculating abilities we gain. It can help you obtain better prices in some trading activities.

“We traders are even helpful in endeavors not relating directly to profit. After I had proven myself capable with a caravan, I was taught how to tie a dead person to it so that I could then drag them for clerical or empathic assistance.”

One of the Guild leaders will teach you to tie corpses to caravans. You can then drag the corpse somewhere for help. Pay close attention to how you’re instructed to tie and untie the corpse. Also keep in mind that the corpse may suffer a bit of damage from being dragged behind a caravan down the route.

“Later in your career, you’ll be able to sell gem pouches for customers, sell items at the market tables and run auctions for clients. Remember to always make friends wherever you go, today’s hunting partner will be tomorrow’s gem seller or supplier for your auction. As your customer base grows, so do your profits!”

“The last piece of advice that I have for you is to watch your time. Time is coin and your time is valuable. If you take on a job, make sure you have time to complete it. A trader is only as good as his or her reputation.”

Contracts and some activities take time to perform. Monitor your time so you don’t end up with contracts that you can’t deliver due to time constraints.

“Well, based on that last piece of information, this is where I wish you well young friend. It is time for you to go out and make your wealth and your future. I wish you safe paths, much luck and good profits!”

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