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The Fallen
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Trader Guild

"The glint of a fistful of coins is what makes our blood flow. Make no mistake, we're after wealth and power." - Guild Leader Imaar


Traders are all about making money, pure and simple. The Guild rules the transportation business with an iron fist, and through contract work and playing the commodities markets, a Trader earns (or loses) his fortune.

Perhaps the most (in)famous figure among Traders was Arnile Hanskwin, Syndic of the Trader's Guild. He was known for his desire to come up with more and more devious ways to combat the efforts of those who would steal from a trader. He was especially inventive when it came to designing new trap varieties.

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Guild Locations

The Crossing
The distinguished Guild Leader Imaar advises young entrepreneurs from this prosperous guild hall. (You can type DIR TRADER for directions.)

Inside Riverhaven's large guild hall, the noble Guild Leader Willowbrook instructs her students in commerce and finance.

The shrewd Guild Leader Raelem administrates guild business from her office in opulent Brickwell Tower.

Aesry Surlaenis'a
The capable Guild Leader Seranda oversees sea trade at the Surlaenis exchange.

In addition, Guild Outposts have been established for conducting business in the following locations:
· Wolf Clan
· Tiger Clan
· Arthe Dale
· Stone Clan
· Dirge
· Langenfirth
· Therenborough
· Fayrin's Rest
· Steelclaw Clan
· Fornsted
· Leth Deriel
Requirements to Advance

The vital skills for a Trader are Lore skills, particularly Trading and Appraisal.

Weapon skills are not required, but some competence in Armor and Survival skills must be attained.

Special Abilities

Pack Animals & Caravans
Traders can rent pack animals or caravans to transport goods between guild outposts. These can also be used to help drag the corpses of fallen adventurers more effectively.

Commodity Trading
Only Traders have access to the commodities market, allowing them to speculate on price fluctuations between cities and provinces.

Gem Market Advantages
Traders receive a better price when selling gems, and may sell in bulk for extra convenience.

Auction Halls & Markets
Only Traders may set up shop in an auction hall or market, allowing for convenient sales to other adventurers.


Primary Skill Set

Secondary Skill Sets

Stat Requirements

Trader Guild Titles

Traders tend to be
Human 25%
Elothean 22%
Elven 16%
Prydaen 11%
S'Kra Mur 8%
Halfling 2%
Dwarven 2%
Gnomish 2%
Kaldar 2%
Rakash 2%
Gor'Tog 2%

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