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The Fallen
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Ranger Guild

"We are the wind, the hawk on the wing, the soaring spirit of the sky and the patient spirit of the earth. Our gold is sunlight, our gems are flowers, and our the world's." - guild leader Kalika


The Rangers of Elanthia eschew the comforts and conveniences of civilization, making themselves at home in the wilderness. They stand guard over the provinces, holding back the hordes of terror that live on the flesh of the innocent. They most often stand alone, yet in the bleakest moments of battle no other sound can offer comfort like that of a whistling arrow fired from his bow.

For these silent hunters, no fame or fortune can match the pride they take in the mastery of their own abilities or their unity with nature.

Most the names of the great Rangers pass into time like a cool autumn breeze. One name that still floats upon the winds of time is Lirisa, known to most these days as the Patron Saint of Rangers, appointed by Kuniyo himself. Her deadly accuracy with the bow and her skills of survival are still the perfect model for those that set out to be Rangers.
Guild Locations

The Crossing
In a small glade just outside the walls, Guild Leader Kalika tends to the nurturing of young Rangers. (You can type DIR RANGER for directions.)

In a town famous for its ale and gambling boats resides one of the
greatest archers in the whole of the realms. Tolle greets the weary Rangers on the trek to the north through Langenfirth offering guidance and a quick word.

Far to the west of the urban center of Ilithi, Tomma shares her knowledge of plants and animals to those Rangers that wander the western borders. Using her skills to live off the land, the Guildleader Tomma has the smallest of guild halls yet still has all she needs to teach and guide the brethren of her guild.

Aesry Surlaenis'a
Guild Leader Marion, truly filled with wanderlust, moves his residence from time to time, his was last seen tending to his companion deep within the caves on the Isle of Aesry.

Requirements to Advance

Rangers are required to learn several survival skills, at least one weapon skill and some other incidental skills.

However, most Rangers meet or exceed all other qualifications while pursuing their Skinning skill requirement. (You can't skin a creature until you've killed it, which requires a knack for combat and survival.)

Special Abilities

Rangers benefit from being within areas best suited for their profession. Their survival skills are much more effective than those of any non-Ranger as long as they are in the wilds. However, too much time spent in a city can dull a Ranger's senses and instincts for a while.

Rangers are adept at following trails, picking up on details that the untrained would never notice. Use TRACK <target> on a person or creature in the area with you to begin tracking, and TRACK alone to follow their trail afterwards.

Animal Companions
Rangers also have the ability to befriend and train certain animals. The exact procedure for this is not public knowledge, but you can probably find an elder Ranger to advise you.

Life Magic
Rangers have access to Life Mana and the Animal Abilities, Nature Manipulation, and Wilderness Survival spellbooks (and part of the Protection spellbook).

Primary Skill Set

Secondary Skill Sets

Stat Requirements

Ranger Guild Titles

Rangers tend to be
Elven 34%
Human 27%
Rakash 7%
Prydaen 7%
Dwarven 6%
S'Kra Mur 4%
Elothean 3%
Halfling 3%
Gor'Tog 2%
Kaldar 1%
Gnomish <1%

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