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Paladin New Player Guide

The Paladin is the Holy Warrior, the smiter of evil in all forms and the Champion of Law in all matters. The path of our guild is not an easy one, as you may soon find out. Through a path of righteous dedication to the guild's teachings, and through service to the Immortals, the worthy are rewarded for their valor and honor with abilities blessed from the deities.

My recommendation is to start out in Crossing or perhaps Riverhaven to begin your studies of the guild. You can find your way to the guild by DIR PALADIN. There, locate the Guild Leader or Guild Representative and JOIN GUILD.

There are many of our brethren willing to take a young squire under their wings and guide you through your training. While our Guild Leaders are the ones to decide whether you are ready to advances or not, it is truly our guild mates who pass on guild teachings that have lasted for generations.

It is important to know that training your body, mind, and spirit (INFO) is always encouraged. However, strength is the favorable trait that a Guild Leader is looking for in order to welcome you into our guild. Once you have a stronger sense of where your paladin training will take you, then you may wish to talk to elder paladins regarding opinions on training. Some may recommend having stamina for combat is a sought after attribute. You will have some development (TDPs or Time Develompent Points) decisions to make that will help you grow as a paladin and enhance your training.

While there are many reasons to be have strength, there is none more important for a young paladin than to carry the weight of the armor. To most, armor is simply protection of the body. To a paladin, armor is a tool used for defense of self and others. It represents a paladin’s badge of honor. Choose the best armor you can afford, spare no expense. Paladins wear metal armor best, especially plate armor. No one other than a paladin can wear plate armor as efficiently. While the plate will seem like a burden, over time your body will learn to move in it like a second skin. In addition to your body armor, a shield has been found to be an effective supplement. Shield, like plate armor, will hinder your ability to move in the beginning but the reward is ease of use over time unlike any other guild can accomplish.

Armor is not the only significant decision in equipment. While you can train any weapon you wish, you only need to focus on a single one during your early training. One word of advice, if you wish to train shield (again, this is recommended), seek out a one-handed weapon such as an edged or blunt weapon.

As we pursue our studies within the guild, we will gain certain abilities, such as Lead, Magic, Glyphs, and a Sixth Sense. While some of these abilities are granted, others grow with us. The first of these abilities provided by our Guild Leaders is Lead – granted at your second circle. This particular ability allows those joined in your group to be inspired to fight and defend better.

Glyphs are another type of ability that we pick up as we progress. Our Guild Leaders will provide quests or tasks in order to obtain each glyph, but you must meet certain requirements to quest for your glyphs. This information is provided as you strive to quest for your glyphs. The first glyph you quest for is the Glyph of Warding and that is obtainable at your fifth circle. The Guild Leader will provide information on where you must seek out your quest after you ASK GUILD LEADER ABOUT GLYPH.

While the quest can be somewhat challenging, the rewards are worth the effort; the Glyph of Warding provides protection of a dead body’s possessions and extra protection against some attacks that someone may inflict upon you. The former benefit is commonly requested and we try to oblige as much as we can to do provide support to those in need. When someone requests for a ward for a dead body, simply stand in front of the body and TRACE WARD <player name>.

Another powerful ability for paladins is magic. The Guild Leaders teach the following philosophy, “'Tis not a crutch upon which to lean, but an extension of faith which shall allow you to overcome your toughest obstacles." Learning magic at first can be a true test of patience. Until you are taught a spell at 5th circle, you will learn the ways of discipline by listening to magic lessons taught by others. Once at 5th circle, ASK GUILD LEADER ABOUT MAGIC for more information. Paladins draw upon holy mana to cast spells; this is the same type of mana used by clerics. We have magic that fall under the following books: Inspiration, Justice, and Sacrifice. It is commonly recommended that our first spell chosen should be Courage, which falls under the Inspiration book. “The Courage spell temporarily increases the stamina of the caster. If he is alone, the effect is strong but brief. If he is within a group, the spell's strength is divided between the members, but it shall last longer.”

Another gift that you may notice over time is your ability to feel a strange sense of unease, as if someone or something were watching you with hostile intent. You may feel this way when others stalk or steal from you. Take great care when you feel this way as well as your reaction to the situation. It is best to learn about thieves and your handling of them as soon as you can. Elder paladins can provide very helpful ideas on protecting your money and your pride.

A very important piece of information is that many of our abilities are governed by the state of our souls. While everyone has a soul, paladin souls are subject to extreme scrutiny. Many unchivalric actions may deeply stain a paladin, while honorable acts reward. The purity of our souls is a reflection of who we are and how well the gods bless our abilities.

As previously stated, our path is not an easy one. We strictly adhere to the vows we make when first joining the guild. Neither these vows, nor the code of honor that we follow, should be taken lightly. Dishonorable acts such as stealing, attacking first, or resorting to devious actions will cause you to feel a wretched filthiness defile your soul.

But all is not lost when trying to cleanse and redeem your soul. Also, know that by not actively improving your soul state, your soul will naturally decline. You can check your soul state by rubbing a soulstone. Should the soulstone change to white or luminescence, you have little to worry about. However, you may wish to tread with caution when receiving dark and dull shades. When you RUB SOULSTONE, all you are checking is the state of your soul. However, to check on how much power your soul can lend to an ability, simply EXHALE SOULSTONE.

Soulstones are typically (yet uncommonly) found on the remains of a tortured soul. There are alternate options to killing a tortured soul. You can look into purchasing a soulstone or simply have a luck of the draw and be offered one, complimentary, by an older paladin.

Also, you can walk through an arch made of soulstone to check on your soul. You can locate one of these arches at the Crossing guildhall. Take care not to rub a soulstone or walk through one of the special soulstone arches if you even think you may have done dishonorable acts. Should you walk through a soulstone arch in this state, the consequences could be fatal for a young paladin.

So how can you improve your soulstate? There are several ways to go about doing this, but the most common ways are to tithe at an almsbox (PUT <amount> <type> <currency> IN ALMSBOX); the is one outside the Paladin Guildhall in the Crossing. Also, TEND a bleeding wound of someone who is not a paladin. Such actions will feel like a warm, soothing sensation washing over your soul.

Some parting words of wisdom from the Paladin Guild Leaders are as follows: “Never abuse your skills or take them for granted. What the Gods give, they also can remove.”

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