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The Fallen
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Paladin Guild

"We lead, not by shouting orders or commanding from afar, but rather by our example." - guild leader Darius


A Paladin is a Holy Warrior, touched and graced by the gods themselves. Through a path of righteous dedication to the guild's teachings and through service to the Immortals, the worthy are rewarded for their valor and honor with abilities blessed from the deities and emerge into an extreme force to reckon with. Woe to the villain who stands before the Paladin submerged in deceit and evil ways!

Founded originally by Beren, the Guild Hall in the Crossing is where most new members receive their training. Beren took on the guild in a fatherly fashion and is still thought of highly by many senior guild members. However, the Paladin council believed the guild members had grown too slack in their trainings and that the morality had deteriorated over time. Beren was subsequently removed, replaced by a more strict and harsh leader, Darius. Though the youngest guild leader in recorded history, Darius has maintained a stringent hold on not only the provincial guild, but the path of the Paladin itself.

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Guild Locations

The Crossing
The original Guild Hall, under the stern tutelage of Sir Darius. (You can type DIR PALADIN for directions.)

Theren Keep
Steeped in the proud heritage of Therengia, under the watchful eye of Sir Cleworth.

In the Tower of Honor, guided by the hand of Lady Snow.

On the highest tier of the city, under the instruction of the formidable Sir Eamonn.

In a majestic hall on Shell Circle, guided by the noble and resplendent Lady Avant.

Requirements to Advance

Defensive skills are paramount, particularly the Armor skill set and Parry skill.

Lore skills (especially Teaching and Scholarship) and at least one weapon skill are required.

Minimal skills in survival (with emphasis on First Aid) and magic are required.

Special Abilities

Code of Honor
Paladins must strictly adhere to their vows. A Paladin who steals, resorts to cowardly or devious tactics in battle, or otherwise behaves in an unchivalric manner, may find himself out of favor with the Gods as well as the Guild.

A Paladin who LEADs his party in battle inspires them to great acts of courage that transcends their usual fighting ability.

As a reward for fulfilling holy quests, Paladins are given the ability to trace divine glyphs of blessing. These glyphs do not require the use of mana as spells do. Currently the Paladin is able to quest for the glyphs of Warding, Bonding, Mana, Light, Ease and Holy Weapon.

Holy Magic
Paladins can harness Holy mana, and can learn spells from the Justice, Sacrifice and Inspiration spellbooks, which provide powerful tools to smite the wicked, aid the just, and maintain the peace.

Primary Skill Set

Secondary Skill Sets

Stat Requirements


Paladin Guild Titles

Paladins tend to be
Human 46%
Kaldar 13%
Elven 10%
Gor'Tog 10%
S'Kra Mur 6%
Prydaen 6%
Dwarven 1%
Elothean 1%
Rakash 1%
Halfling <1%
Gnomish <1%

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