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The Fallen
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Necromancer Guild

"Between a Necromancer and a monster is the width of a knife."- Jonathan Kigot, in "The Philosophy of the Knife"

Threatening to devour the world, a demon known as the Hunger still plagues the land.  In these dark times, the High Temple strives to eliminate all traces of the dark art of necromancy for fear that another Lyras could rise up.  The study of the dead is the practice that sends shudders through any ordinary person, the stuff nightmares are made of.

Infamous throughout the lands for their misdeeds, hated and reviled wherever they turn, necromancers are shunned and outcast by both the gods and by normal society.  Some say that the power they gain is worth this small price.

It is said that there is a code that many necromancers now follow, the Philosophy of the Knife. It is rumored that the goal of this group is immortality, shaping their work with the symbolism of alchemy. However, judging by both the undead and the trail of corpses they leave in their wake, most say they are little more than dangerous madmen.

Guild Locations

Rumor has it that the Philosopher Zamidren Book is gathering a large number of students in a well-hidden location somewhere in Zoluren. This has not been confirmed and is fervently denied by the High Temple.

Requirements to Advance

Necromancers are required to learn Thanatology, which combines the study of the dead with knowledge of an obscene version of the transference link that Empaths use to heal the sick. In addition, they have very heavy survival and magic skills requirements to advance in their guild. Curiously, the necromancers also require specific training in light edged weapons, as part of their ceremonial work.

Special Abilities

Necromancers can perform thanatological rituals on felled enemies. Though the details of these are heresy at best and an insult to the gods at worst, they are vital to a necromancer's practice.

The crux of the Necromancers' Guild, these are corpses that have been brought back from the dead and are under command of the necromancer. It also extends to animating inorganic matter, such as homunculi of dirt and blood.

Arcane Magic
Though the details on how are sketchy, necromancers are able to both perceive and use a dangerous blend of Elemental, Life and Lunar mana. Though "Arcane mana" is a sorcerous power that is often fatal to its users, necromancers have managed to harness it with unnatural proficiency.

Primary Skill Set

Secondary Skill Sets

Stat Requirements

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