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Moon Mage New Player Guide

What is a Moon Mage?

Moon Mages are an esoteric collective of magicians, scholars and soothsayers from several different sects. Known for the versatile and powerful magic that flows from their fingertips and their ability to foretell the future, Moon Mages are among the most potent spell casters on Elanthia. Their abilities are tied closely to the rising and setting of the three moons Xibar, Yavash and Katamba, as well as the motions of other heavenly bodies. Thus when the skies smile down upon a Moon Mage, his powers are strong; yet when all the moons have set, he is considerably weaker. Moon Mages are quite often at the mercy of the moons when it comes to using their magic and skills. This is especially true for beginning low level Moon Mages. Moon Mages are seen as different things by different people. We are known as scholars, fortunetellers, mysterious occultists, tenacious survivalists, astronomers, and magicians. This varied perception of us allows for a great deal of freedom in developing a persona for a Moon Mage character. Moon Mages also wield powerful magic. In fact, they are one of three Guilds who have the Magic skill set as their primary skill set.

Lunar Magic

Unlike the other forms of mana, Lunar mana is constant in all locations at once. At any given moment, the amount of Lunar mana available all over Elanthia depends on the phase of the moons, and whether or not they are in the sky. As they wax and wane, rise and set, the amount of mana changes. Eventually you will be able to sense additional lunar mana from the planets. This additional mana helps to supplement the available mana from the moons, that way if all the moons are below the horizon and far away in their orbital cycle (a scenario that would cripple a low level Moon Mage), you will still have a decent amount of lunar mana to draw upon.

Magical Attunement - Moon Mages have an "attunement" to lunar magic, and that when they lose that attunement they can no longer cast magical spells. Attunement can be thought of as a kind of magical fatigue. When your attunement is low, you won’t be able to cast spells that require a lot of energy. The more mana you put into a spell when casting it, the more magical fatigue it will create, sapping your attunement. A characters attunement slowly recovers over time, but it is a fairly slow process. In game, typing INFO will show attunement under "Harness" and HARN or HARNESS will show it as "Current Harn," but its correct term is attunement.

Skill Sets

Depending on what Guild you are in, you will learn skills in a particular skill set faster than skills in other skill sets. This is because of your Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary arrangement. Skills in your Guild's Primary skill set are quickly and easily learned, with Secondary skills being next in line. Any skill set that isn't Primary or Secondary for your Guild is Tertiary. Tertiary skills move the slowest.
This arrangement of Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary learning rates is to reflect your Guild's natural aptitude for certain skills.

Lore · Survival
Weapons · Armor

Knowing this you can expect your Magic skills to increase more rapidly than any of your other skills. Your Lore and Survival skills will increase at a slightly slower pace, with Weapons and Armor being the slowest/hardest skills to increase. As you can see this means most Moon Mages will be very skilled in Magic, Lore, and Survival. This goes a long way in explaining most of the perceptions of what Moon Mages are.

Magic Skills

The Magic skill set has the fewest skills of all the skills sets at only 5 skills, they are Primary Magic, Harness Ability, Power Perceive, Magical Devices, and Targeted Magic.

Primary Magic - This skill allows you to cast spells, cast spells at higher mana levels, use mana more effectively when casting, prevent wasted mana, determines how powerful the effect of your spell is, and how soon you can attempt to cast a spell before it is fully prepared. As you can imagine, it is one of the most important skills to a Moon Mage.

To start casting a spell PREPARE, or PREP for short (PREPARE /HELP for more information). You must follow the prepare verb with the spell name, and the amount of mana you want to prepare the spell at. For example: PREP CLEAR VISION 5. Almost every spell has a minimum mana requirement in order for the spell to be successfully prepared. If you don't use a high enough number, a igher, suitable number will be substituted automatically. In our example the minimum mana needed to prepare Clear Vision is actually 4 mana. You can experiment in game to determine what a spells minimum needed mana is.

The command to cast a spell is CAST, or often CAST <TARGET>. Once the spell is successfully cast you will lose some attunement. If your Primary Magic skill isn't high enough to cast a spell at a the amount of mana you prepared it at, or if you try to cast the spell too soon, your spell may backfire. This has the potential of damaging your nervous system. You will know you damaged your nerves if you backfire and you feel a tingling sensation.

Harness Ability - This skill is used passively when you cast spells, but it can be used actively. The passive use of this skill determines how effectively you use available mana when you cast a spell, or charge a cambrinth item with energy. The active use of this spell makes use of the HARNESS command. In this case, your Harness skill determines how well you harness and hold mana. The higher your skill, the less attunement you will lose. Type HARNESS HELP in game to find out more.

If you want to cast a spell at 20 mana, you can do it several ways. You could prepare the spell at 20 mana, like so: prepare CLEAR VISION 20. However, this method will drastically drop your character's attunement. An alternate method is to prepare the spell at it's minimum required amount of mana, and then use the HARNESS command to gather and hold energy into your body that will be added with the amount you are preparing the spell at. For example you might prepare the Clear Vision spell at 4 mana (the minimum needed), and then harness 4 mana four times like so: PREP CV 4, HARN 4, HARN 4, HARN 4, HARN 4, CAST.

This system will not cause you to lose as much attunement, but you will have to spend some extra time harnessing, and holding energy in your body can damage your nerves if you hold too much.
Having a lot of skill in Harness lets you hold more energy in your body without damaging your nerves, and lets you hold that energy longer before it slips away.

Power Perceive - This skill determines how well you can sense the available mana, thus determining how much effective mana you have to work with. Moon Mages are renown for their Power Perception skills.

Moon Mages can PERCEIVE the following things:

  • Moonbeams - To sense who created them.
  • Self - To sense any spells on your character and how long they will last.
  • Area - To sense any spells in effect in the area.
  • Planets - To sense if there are any planets in your range of perception.
  • Transduction Book - To sense the available mana for spells from the Transduction Book.
  • Perception Book - To sense the available mana for spells from the Perception Book.
  • Psychic Projection Book - To sense the available mana for spells from the Psychic Projection Book.
  • Moonlight Manipulation Book - To sense the available mana for spells from the Moonlight Manipulation Book.
  • Stellar Book - To sense the available mana for spells from the Stellar Book, a special book of spells for high level Moon Mages.
  • Xibar - To sense how much mana Xibar is contributing, and what it's current position is in the sky.
  • Yavash - To sense how much mana Yavash is contributing and what it's current position is in the sky.
  • Katamba - To sense how much mana Katamba is contributing and what it's current position is in the sky.
  • All - Acts as a combination of Perceive Self and Perceive Area.
  • A general perceive - Accomplished just by typing POWER or PERCEIVE.

Magical Devices - As implied by the name, this skill determines how well your character can interact with magical devices. As a beginning character you probably won't have too much interaction with magical devices. Instead, you will probably need to learn this skill by listening to someone else teaching the skill to you. Common commands to activate simple magical devices are FOCUS, RUB, WAVE, and CHARGE.

The FOCUS command is by far the most commonly used command. It lets your character do several things with magical devices, the most important being determining what a magical device is, and what it does. For example, FOCUS <ITEM>. You can also focus on cambrinth items to form a special link with them. Cambrinth is a special mineral that can stores magicalenergy. If you CHARGE a cambrinth item with energy, and then FOCUS on it before casting a spell, it will contribute that energy to your spell, just as if you had prepared the spell with more mana.

On some magical items, like runes for instance, you can focus an amount command to attempt to adjust how much energy is flowing through the magical device. For example: FOCUS <RUNE> 30.
Think of this like adjusting a dimmer on a light in your house. Whenever you RUB the rune (to prepare the spell), the spell will be prepared at higher amount (30) than if it been focused at 10 mana.

Targeted Magic - This skill is determines how accurate and damaging your targeted magical attack spells are. Telekinetic Throw is a targeted attack spell. The command TARGET is used to focus on a target or a specific part of a target, for example: TARGET GOBLIN, TARGET GOBLIN ABDOMEN.

Elanthia's Solar System

Elanthia - Elanthia is the name of the planet our characters live on. More specifically, our characters live on a continent called Kermoria. In game lore tells us that a huge dragon known as the World Dragon slumbers deep in the center of Elanthia.

Moons - Three moons orbit Elanthia: Xibar, Yavash, and Katamba. They are blue, red, and black respectively, though in game history tells us Katamba was once gold. In game history also tells us there was once a fourth moon, a pearly-white moon called Grazhir. However, the World Dragon hatched from Grazhir, thus destroying it. In the process, the dragon's fiery breath scorched Katamba black.

The moons are very important to Moon Mages, as should be apparent. They affect many of our spells and some spells can't even be cast if certain moons aren't in the sky. Also, until your character is skilled enough to sense planets, the moons are the main source of lunar mana for your spells. This means you are at their mercy. When moons are below the horizon, they contribute less lunar mana. This is also true for when they are further away in their orbit, and for when they are in any phase besides full, although to varying degrees depending on how much of the moon is visible. The moons are the simplest celestial bodies to observe for predicting the future, and as soon as you join the Moon Mage Guild you will be able to observe any of the three moons.

Planets - Besides Elanthia, there are 12 other planets in the in game solar system. By name, in order of proximity to the sun, they are: Verena, Estrilda, Durgaulda, Yoakena, Penhetia, Szeldia, Merewalda, Ismenia, Morleena, Amlothi, Dawgolesh, and Er'qutra. High level Moon Mage characters can observe planets in order to predict the future, as well as draw off of them as an additional source of lunar mana.

Constellations - Although there are most likely thousands of stars in the night skies of Elanthia, there are currently only 47 named constellations in DragonRealms. This is important because only named constellations can be interacted with via our skills and magic. Other stars simply don't exist for our purposes. Constellations, like planets and moons, can be observed by a Moon Mage in order to predict the future. In the case of constellations though, some are easier than others. As you progress through the Guild you will be taught how to observe more and more constellations.

Moon Mage Special Skills and Abilities

Predicting the Future

There are 2 types of predictions that a Moon Mage can do. The first, and simplest, is for you to simply PREDICT WEATHER. This will give you a brief listing of upcoming weather conditions. Each one of these represents the most likely possibility for the weather over the next 10-11 minutes. That is the time interval that weather has the possibility of changing on. A Moon Mage may predict the weather at any time they are outside, and as often as they like. You can learn a small amount of Astrology doing predicting the weather, though there is a maximum amount of experience given in a certain period of time.

Secondly, and by far more complicated, is for you to predict the future. Predicting the future actually alters your 'effective' ranks in a skill, like Evasion or Primary Magic for example. This alteration can be positive, or negative. It can also range from a couple of ranks, to dozens of ranks.

To predict the future you have to observe a celestial body like the sun or one of the three moons for example. The command to do this is: OBSERVE <OBJECT>. Once you make your observation you may sometimes learn something of the future. If you don't, just keep trying. Using the Clear Vision spell can help, as well. Once you do learn something of the future, you are ready to try a prediction.

A Moon Mage may attempt to predict the future at any time, but the prediction will fail if you have not made a successful observation of a celestial body at some point, and stored a skill set in your observation pool. The syntax to make a prediction is: PREDICT FUTURE <NAME> <SKILL SET>. For example: predict future Joe offense.

Type PREDICT USAGE in game to view all of your prediction options.

Time sense

Due to a Moon Mage's strong tie to the rise and fall of the sun and moons, they have the ability to roughly gauge what time it is while they somewhere you can't see the sky, like underground, or indoors without a window. To see if you are ready to learn this skill, ASK <GUILDLEADER> ABOUT SKILLS.


Backtrace is the ability to determine who has located you, or someone else in your area. Locate is a Moon Mage spell that tells its caster where someone is located.
When you feel like you are being watched, type POWER or PERCEIVE to attempt the backtrace. Depending on your skill you might be able to sense who performed the locate, where they are, and eventually gain the passive ability to sense if someone backtraces your locate spell. To see if you are ready to learn this skill, ASK <GUILDLEADER> ABOUT SKILLS.


Enchanting is the process of creating a magical item and is a higher level ability. Once your character reaches around 30th circle you might want to journey to Throne City and find the Enchanter's Shop there. You can speak to Xathvier, the owner of the shop, and he will see if you are ready to start down the path to becoming an enchanter.

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