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The Fallen
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Empath Guild

"Bruised and scarred we may be in flesh, but within we are filled with the power of life." - guild leader Annael


Empaths are highly attuned to other living creatures, allowing them to heal the wounds of others. Such powers have their drawbacks, however; since Empaths are so close to the pain of the living beings around them, if they so much as try to harm another living creature they will lose their ability to heal for a time. If they kill, such ability can be lost forever.

That doesn't mean, however, that Empaths are barred from combat. Many choose the path of the Battle Empath, with defensive skills and abilities often outstripping those of the hunters they seek out to heal.

NEW! Empath Beginner's Guide

Guild Locations

The Crossing
Led by Guildleader Annael Ebeshalek. (You can type DIR EMPATH in The Crossing for directions.)

Led by Guildleader Dagreth Rendarak. (You can type DIR EMPATH in Riverhaven for directions.)

Led by Guildleader K'miriel Lystrandoniel.

Ratha and Aesry
Led by Guildleader Alris Burdlefoot, who travels between these two locations.

These Empaths do not offer training, but have practices in the following locations:

The Crossing
Leth Deriel
Knife Clan
Chyolvea Tayeu'a
Aesry Surlaenis'a
Martyr Saedelthorp & Kaiva Q'Ral
Fraethis Tarmoulew
Arthianna Os'Nedora
Srela Larainen
Quentin & Lady Atladene
Elys Goodroot
Raeshisen Tanalae
Lilidona Kersharin


Requirements to Advance

Empathy is the most important skill for an Empath. First Aid and Lore skills, particularly Teaching, are also vital.

Magic and Survival skills are also required.

At lower levels the Empath must train in a variety of skills, but at higher levels the main focus is on Transference, First Aid and Teaching.

Special Abilities

By simply touching a patient, you form an empathic link with them that allows you to diagnose their injuries with some precision.

Once you have established the link, you can transfer wounds from their body to your own for healing by specifying the patient and the wounded body part. TAKE and TRANSFER are identical. For example: TRANSFER ZOHA LEFT ARM is equivalent to TAKE ZOHA LEFT ARM.

More experienced empaths can use their empathic links to others to access some of their knowledge, thereby increasing the empath's own skills for the duration of the link.

Allows the empath to detect the presences of others in their area, and with sufficient skill, sense some of the health concerns that plague the realms.

Though considered a hush-hush skill by those in Elanthia, some empaths possess the ability to alter the appearance of others permanently.

Those with sufficient skill can Manipulate a creature approaching them into believing that the empath is a friend rather than an enemy, a powerful tool for empaths choosing to enter battlegrounds.

Life Magic
Empaths have access to Life Mana and the following spellbooks: Healing, Protection, Body Purification, Mental Preparation and Life Force Manipulation.

Primary Skill Set

Secondary Skill Sets

Stat Requirements

Empath Guild Titles

Empaths tend to be
Human 27%
Elothean 24%
Prydaen 11%
Elven 10%
Dwarven 7%
Gor'Tog 5%
S'Kra Mur 3%
Halfling 2%
Gnomish 2%
Rakash 2%
Kaldar 2%

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