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The Fallen
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Cleric New Player Guide


So…you have joined the Cleric Guild, have you? Well, I can aid you with a few things, if you wish. I will give you a few hints and some recommendations as you begin your life in Elanthia. Know that these are merely suggestions, my young friend, and certainly do not contain all that you will need to know as you continue your adventure here. Remember that you can also learn much from your fellow travelers and mentors.

When you first arrive in the Crossing, I would highly recommend that you visit the library in the Cleric Guild there. Much of what is written here can be gleaned from the tomes located east of the Guild Sanctorum. The books there are old, but the knowledge they contain is invaluable. As you read Approaching Acolyte: A Cleric’s Guide you will notice that it references Tallis as our esteemed Guild leader in the Crossing. That was the title she held when the book was first scribed. High Priestess Tallis (as she is referred to now) can be found in the Crossing Temple (DIR TEMPLE for directions), which is southwards from the bank and certainly a place you might want to become familiar with. You’ll find a dear friend of mine, a white-robed monk right inside the gate there. ASK him about the TEMPLE, or even about FAVORS. Take the time to heed his suggestions, my friend, for you will not regret it!

Make a stop at the Cleric Shop (DIR CLERICAL SHOP for directions) as well, located northwesterly from the bank. As in any merchant shop, READ the catalog carefully. (Usually it can be found on the counter, but some shopkeepers place it on a table or another container, instead.) In the shop you will find miscellaneous religious items for sale. Certainly you might want to purchase a silver vial, as it can be used to hold holy water, which we use for rituals. Other items you might find useful would be the red wine and herbs, for these articles might be used in your daily routine in your worship of the gods. Although you will not need every item listed in the catalog, make of note of what is available for sale there. You never know when you might something from the shop in the future!

If you happen to start your journey in the town of Riverhaven instead of the Crossing, look for the Academy of Learning, which is southwesterly from the Cleric Guild. Sadly, it is bereft of most religious writings, but one will still find a copy of The Immortals there. The Cleric shop in Riverhaven can be found southerly from the guild.

Regardless of where you begin your wanderings, take the time to explore and learn where to find many other places that are dedicated to the gods. I would suggest that you might want to seek out Tamsine’s Rest, near the bank in Crossing. Or perhaps visit the silvery pool by a waterfall South of Dirge, where the goddess of the seas and water is honored. Maybe you might venture to Stone Clan, which is found north of Kaerna. Here you will find a deep oeblichar with an altar dedicated to Kertigen. The lands are rich with shrines and areas that honor the Ones we follow.


Now I shall speak of favors. The God’s favor is something that everyone in the world of Elanthia will need in their travels, but knowledge of the Gods and where/how to obtain favors might weigh heaviest on the shoulders of a Cleric. It is a well-documented fact that the gods take pity upon the very youngest of travelers (your first year in the guild) a few times, but it is certainly advisable that favors be acquired immediately upon entering your second year.

In the Crossing Cleric Guild Library and the Riverhaven Library, you will find a book entitled The Immortals. Read this book carefully, for once armed with the knowledge you will learn from this tome, you will be ready to choose which of the 13 you wish to follow. (Later in life, as you travel to more distant lands you will be able to acquire favor from some of the aspects of the 13, but in The Crossing and Riverhaven, you can only choose from the neutral deities.)

Along with favors, a Cleric should have an understanding of death in Elanthia. As you progress in the Guild, you will be making the decision of what kind of path you will wish to follow. You might want to choose the path to aid the fallen or you may elect to follow a God who might not approve of assisting the dead. Either way, the path you choose is of your own doing.

When met with death, an adventurer has several options they may choose. They may opt to DEPART, in which case their spirit will find itself walking the Starry Road. If one carries the God’s favor, they are pulled back to the land of the living. If not, then their soul is lost to the Void, and all knowledge they have gleaned, everything they once were, is forever lost.

Some adventurers will opt to wait for the assistance of a Cleric. If you have chosen the path to aid the fallen, then with enough magical skill you can cast the spell called Rejuvenation, which will help restore forgotten memories. Casting the spell known as Soul Bonding will bind the spirit to the corpse, preparing it for Resurrection.

Magic/Cleric Spells

With the mention of casting spells, have I peaked your interest in the magical arts? Perhaps then, I need to share more with you.

In the Crossing guild you can ASK ESUIN ABOUT MAGIC, while in Riverhaven you would ASK JELNA ABOUT MAGIC. Our guild offers four spell books from which to choose spells from; Divine Intervention, Holy Enchantments, Spirit Manipulation, and Holy Defense. To inquire about a certain book, you would ASK ESUIN ABOUT DIVINE INTERVENTION BOOK, for example. He will list the spells available to you at that time. To learn about a particular spell you would ASK ESUIN ABOUT PFE SPELL, for example.

You will discover that the selection of spells is very important and great care should be given with your choices. I would recommend that you choose the spell Protection From Evil (PFE) as your first spell. It can be self-cast and one can learn quickly with it, gaining experience and skill. You would PREP PFE 1, and would wait until you feel fully prepared, and then CAST.

Other spells that might be beneficial to you as you advance would be Harm Evil (HE), Bless, and perhaps Rejuvenation.

The reason for choosing the spell Harm Evil is twofold. It’s a great spell for learning the magical skill called Targeted Magic, while it will also rid the lands of cursed or undead creatures. (And that pleases the gods.)

Bless might be chosen as this spell can be cast on weapons, which is needed to slay the undead. It can also be used to bless water, which we use in certain rituals.

And of course, if you follow the path to aid the fallen, you would select Rejuvenation early on.

There will be other spells available to you to choose from. Talk to your fellow guild mates, or any of your elders. Most are more than willing to help a young acolyte.


A Cleric is the only profession in the lands that has a direct conduit between mortals and the gods. This devotion is something that needs to be constantly nurtured, for as you please the gods there are many benefits that can be gleaned.

When you COMMUNE, you will get a sense of how close you may be to your god at that time. Initially a vision will appear to you of a barren garden, parched and thirsting for nourishment. You will feel the need to tend it.

There are many ways a young Cleric may begin to raise his devotion. In the Crossing guild library is an excellent book entitled The Rituals of Life, which will help you to understand some of the many rituals available. As you perform these rituals, you will feel how pleasing it is to your god, and as you COMMUNE you will sense the change as your devotion increases. In addition to the procedures you will read about, there are many others available. Seek out your guild mates, for most are more than willing to share information of other rituals with you.

Quests – Special Abilities

Now I will share something very special with you, for during your life as a Cleric the gods themselves will bestow great gifts upon you; special abilities that can be used for limited amounts of time. (As you age, the duration of these abilities lengthens.) You must be in good grace to utilize these gifts and once used, rituals will need to be performed to replenish the devotion spent.

When you reach your second circle, your guild leader will send you on a quest. Always listen very carefully to what the guild leader tells you. For it is through those words that you shall gain complete understanding of what needs to be done. I would recommend that you scribe the instructions given to you, for as you age the challenges become more difficult. You can always return to the guild leader later and ASK about the TASK you have been assigned.

Your first quest is for an ability that will be given to you by the god Tamsine. You will be asked to visit her shrine within the city of Crossing where you are to make a special offering. (OFFERing gifts to the gods is something a devoted Cleric will do many times in their lives.)

When you have completed this quest successfully, you will be rewarded a special ability from the god the quest represented. In the first ten circles of your Clerical life you will be sent on three quests. The early quests are simple, but keep in mind as one ages the quests become more difficult in nature. At later ages you may be asked to travel to other provinces, or even place your life in jeopardy.

So, my young acolyte…I welcome you to Elanthia, and to my guild. May your journey be as rich and fulfilling an adventure as my own has been.

Scribed by my hand,
Brivibas Annu


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