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The Fallen
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Cleric Guild

"In our hands lies the power of the gods and the trust of the souls of the fallen." - guild leader Esuin


The Clerics of Elanthia are a vastly diverse group, as different in their beliefs as there are combinations of the dozens of Immortals that manifest in everyday life. Clerics span the spectrum from the benevolent worshipers of the Light gods to the malevolent minions of the Dark gods, as well as the Keepers of Balance in between.

We are the Priests of War and the Patrons of Peace. We are the menders of the soul and the force that shears it like fresh meat. We are the most feared opponent of the Undead and the summoners of ancient spirits. All are accepted, for in the Cleric guild, there is but one solid doctrine -- You may worship any gods that you wish, as long as your devotion is genuine.

NEW! Cleric Beginner's Guide

Guild Locations

The Crossing
Presided over by the pious Guildleader Esuin. (You can type DIR CLERIC for directions.)

Guided by the venerable Guildmistress Jelna Sarik.

Under the tutelage of the wise Elothean Guildmistress Sothavi.

Led by the powerful but patient S'Kra Guildmaster Kor'yvyn.

Aesry Surlaenis'a
Under the stern guidance of Guildmistress Innu.

Requirements to Advance

Magic skills, particularly Primary Magic, are of utmost importance to a Cleric's advancement.

Do not neglect Weapon skills, nor Lore (particularly Teaching and Scholarship).

Some skill in parrying, evasion and armor skills is also necessary.

Special Abilities

Clerics are the primary conduit between mortals and the gods. A true Cleric must always be conscious to show respect and devotion to the deities of their choice. A Cleric in high favor with his or her gods will find that their magical abilities are enhanced. Likewise, a Cleric who shirks their duties and ignores the gods may find their abilities fading. There are dozens of ritual sequences and puzzles to choose from that allow a Cleric to show their devotion. These methods are as unique and varied as the gods themselves.

Clerics have the unique ability to COMMUNE with the gods in their time of need, calling upon the favor they have earned through their dutiful devotions. Utilizing these abilities will strain the Cleric's favor with their gods, so a wise Priest will continue to show their devotion through rituals, in turn allowing them to commune with the gods more often and for greater benefit.

A list of devotional rites is available for your reference in the Cleric Guild halls, but you will not be able to decipher any rite which you have not yet earned through the completion of holy quests.

Holy Magic
Clerics have access to Holy mana and the Holy Defense, Spirit Manipulation, Holy Enchantments, and Divine Intervention spellbooks.

Primary Skill Set

Secondary Skill Sets

Stat Requirements

Cleric Guild Titles

Clerics tend to be
Human 32%
Dwarven 14%
Elothean 14%
Elven 13%
Gor'Tog 5%
Prydaen 5%
Kaldar 4%
S'Kra Mur 4%
Rakash 4%
Halfling <1%
Gnomish <1%

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