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The Fallen
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Barbarian Guild

"If swords ever cross, the Barbarian shall be the one left standing." - Guild Leader Agonar


The Barbarian's life is a simple one, but not an easy one. The field of combat is our crib; the blood of foes is mother's milk to us. Stand with us, and flesh your sleepless sword in training in the field. Live with us, and steel your mind against the taint of Magic's aid. Die with us, and drive your body to a warrior's dogged end while those of lesser mettle cower at inglorious range!

Inner Fire is the measure both of rage and of control, and the substance of Barbarian heart and guts; in purity, it fuels the bloodlust of the battle-hardened and stills the mind of the meditator. But be wary - the taint of magic will disrupt this fragile balance of body and soul, so leave the mana-meddling to those who lean on magic as a crutch!

NEW! Barbarian Beginner's Guide

Guild Locations

The Crossing
Led by Guild Leader Agonar Dokona, the steel-eyed Human warrior. (You can type DIR BARBARIAN for directions.)

Led by Guildmaster Mo, the massive Gor'Tog axe wielder.

Steelclaw Clan
Led by Guildmistress T'Kiel, the legendary Elven swordswoman.

Led by Guildmistress Anhh'shre, the lightning-quick S'Kra Mur knife fighter.

Requirements to Advance

As one might expect, Weapon skills are vital to a Barbarian's advancement. Armor skills are also key.

A smattering of Survival skills are required and useful to know, particularly defensive skills such as Evasion.

Special Abilities

A berserking Barbarian is able to push through physical
pain and increase his/her strength and stamina. The barbarian could literally die on his/her feet when the battle rage wears off.

A barbarian is able to strike fear into his/her opponent and inspire his/her allies through sheer projection of his/her roars and presence. At higher levels a roaring barbarian is able to drive others into a natural state of berserk.

Battle Dances
As barbarians gain greater levels of experience and awareness, they are able to seek out the legendary pit masters who are located all over Elanthia, and learn various battle dances which train the barbarian to hone their strengths to levels not normally achievable, creating an unstoppable force in one person.

Inner Fire
The driving force in every barbarian - that which is alive in all, but strong in few. A barbarian's Inner Fire is the source of his/her tremendous courage and strength, as well as resistance to magic. Too much exposure to certain types of magic may weaken the Inner Fire for a time.

Weapon Forging
A barbarian's inherent understanding of weapons makes him or her a natural at the forge. Anyone can forge a crude weapon, but only barbarians can produce legendary quality weapons sought after by all.

Primary Skill Set

Secondary Skill Sets

Stat Requirements

Barbarian Guild Titles

Barbarians tend to be
Gor'Tog 29%
Human 17%
Dwarven 14%
S'Kra Mur 11%
Kaldar 8%
Rakash 6%
Elven 5%
Prydaen 3%
Elothean 2%
Gnomish 1%
Halfling <1%

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