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The Fallen
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Tamsine - Albreda - Harawep

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symbol: Tabby Cat
Tamsine of the Hearth.

All civilization falls under the patronage of Tamsine, Goddess of the Hearth and Home. The town of Fostra's Haven in particular considers Tamsine to be their patron, but technically any organized settlement can call her their mother.

Tamsine's domestic skills -- cooking, weaving, brewing, and so on -- are unparalleled. Her smile brings peace to households and soothes frazzled nerves. Her blessing must be sought before construction on temples, public buildings, and houses can be begun. Those who do not give the goddess her due will surely suffer for the oversight later by a visit from the vicious Harawep.

Tamsine also presides over the act of imparting some of the gifts of the gods through their servants. Priests who would seek the favored blessings of the gods at all must first present themselves to her at her shrine.

symbol: Dove

Bringer of peace, cementer of alliances and marriages, patroness of orphans and fosterlings; Albreda is a kind and beneficial goddess who despises war and bloodshed. A few warriors (paladins usually) have, however, worshiped her, and she does not disdain their following. It is said that Albreda's blessing is what brought the lasting peace of the Seven Pointed Star Empire, and that she wept so deeply during the Elven-Human war it created an entire new ocean in far off lands.

Albreda is motherly, a companion to Alamhif. She succors and protects mothers who have trouble during childbirth, or the fathers of said children when her aid cannot save the mother from death. Empaths often find her the easiest to worship.

symbol: Black Widow

The disrupter of peace, treaties among races and nations, destroyer of families, augur of disloyalty, and turner of children against parents, clan against clan.

Harawep is a vicious warrior who fights with twin swords. Hideously ugly, Harawep appears as a hag who moves quicker than the eye can follow. A lightning-wielding goddess, her capricious will causes unstoppable forest fires that destroys whole settlements.

Harawep's ways are not all so abrupt and obvious -- she weaves deception as well as she brandishes destruction, and her plots and schemes are as intricate as the webs her favorite creature (the spider) spins.

One of Harawep's titles is "the Widowmaker", and murderers and assassins consider her their patron.

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