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The Fallen
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The Guardians

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The Guardians

The Guardians, sometimes called Heralds, are ethereal beings of such power that -- it is said -- the Thirteen bow before them.

And yet, with three exceptions, we know very little about these mysterious beings. Some say they created the gods themselves. Others say that Chadatru summoned them to protect the balance of power, so that no god could dominate the rest. Yet another myth claims that Meraud created them to ensure no mortal mage could discover the secrets of the gods' power and thus overthrow them.

No one knows how many Guardians there are, nor their names. Reports of encounters with Guardians are wildly dissimilar and should not be considered reliable.

What is known is that three of the Guardians chose to take on semi-mortal forms and live in the world we know, shortly after the disastrous destruction of the S'Kra Sraan Mehath (Wind Clan) near the end of the Elven-Human War. Taking the names Glacis, Eerayn and Sildua, and the bodies of enormous dragons, the three Guardian Dragons set out to change the course of mortal history.


Glacis is best known for saving the life of Lanival the Redeemer. He is likely to have inspired Lanival's plan to reforge the broken Empire, and that association is why the Five Provinces we know today are sometimes referred to as the Dragon's Realms.

Glacis is thought to make his home in a remote cavern among the Dragon Spine Mountains even today, but search parties sent by Warrior Mage Guild Leader Augrym have met only frustration.


There is little public knowledge about the mysterious "Dragon of the East." It is commonly believed that she lives on a continent across the Great Ocean, though the occasional sailor reports seeing her winging across the skies of Qi early in the morning.

Rumors abound that such figures as High Lord Daervlan, Fehrdal Kukalakai, and Erzebet Crowther enjoy infrequent but regular correspondence with Eerayn. They, of course, do not confirm or deny these rumors.


Of the three Guardian Dragons, Sildua is the only one who deliberately chose to closely emulate the terrifying form of the World Dragon. His name is from the Elothean "silduaalyo," or "coal."

Sildua has been the most active -- or else, the least discreet -- of the three. His motives are unfathomable, his actions unpredictable. He has been known to save a city from destruction one week, only to hire a band of mercenaries to attack it the next. In fact, mercenaries fascinate him. Several years ago, he hired two bands to make war on each other, until both captains realized what had happened and walked out on their contracts.

He has one lair behind the falls of the Erlinilaya southeast of Shard, and another in the hills above Knife Clan. He can occasionally be seen flying directly over the Crossing, and once used a gwethdesuan to mock the tiny people below.


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