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The Fallen
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Glythtide - Saemaus - Be'ort

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symbol: Ram
Glythtide, the Lord of Mirth

God of joy, mirth and merriment, of wine and song and good fellowship; a very happy figure, he is the patron of bards, poets, troubadours, and musicians -- as well as of loafers, gourmands and drunks. Glythtide's mere presence is abhorrent to some of the darker gods due to his unstoppable happiness. It is said amongst the Halflings that the one time he frowned and cried, night was created. Arthe Dale is favored by Glythtide, and he has been suspected of making a few visits upon occasion (usually denoted by the sudden lack of liquor and tarts within the town). Chief deity of the Halflings.

symbol: Donkey

The gentle god of love is also the god of festivities and a toast is always made in his name at most wedding ceremonies or festivals if one wishes to ensure a marriage filled with love or a grand party. A god of happiness, Saemaus' anger is hard to come by, but terrible to behold. He has been known to curse his enemies with a malaise of lovesickness -- usually by making them fall in love with another enemy of his (or theirs). The patron of lovers, pregnant mothers and expecting fathers, maids of honor as well as their male counterparts, Saemaus is also known for his tendency toward being tipsy as well as an unmatchable chef; Halflings honor him as the inventor of the tart.

symbol: Coyote

The god of bitter partings, love lost, opportunities wasted, and insanity, Be'ort is the rain on a wedding day, the wine that turns to vinegar before a party. Be'ort is a great, sulking figure who despises revelry and wallows in melancholy. Wars of attrition (such as the Elven-Human war) are his specialty. Be'ort always appears as a wild-eyed and mussed-hair man who is usually giggling a bit oddly. If Be'ort truly wishes to destroy someone, he will first make sure their relationship sours, then destroy their status in their profession, and then, when his miserable prey has sunk to their lowest, he makes sure their mind snaps.

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