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The Fallen
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Eu - Demrris - Tenemlor

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symbol: Faiyka

"Eu" happens to be the Prydaen word for "nature" -- and thus, as a deity, Eu is the entirety of the natural world, far beyond the scope of mortal apprehension. Eu is never referred to as He, She or It -- always as Eu -- and never appears to mortals.

Eu's symbol, the Faiyka, is a disc of white gold which bears three narrow rays in bas relief.

symbol: Triquetra

Anyone claiming to have seen Eu is actually referring to the triple form, Eu-Demrris-Tenemlor... whose name is frequently shortened to Eu. This can be confusing for outsiders, but the Prydaen have no trouble keeping it straight.

Eu-Demrris-Tenemlor represents the totality of mortal experience. He (or she) appears mainly to clan elders and priests -- or their non-Prydaen equivalents -- in the form of a renowned ancestor. His appearance to a younger person is usually an indication that they are destined for great things.

His symbol, the Triquetra, is a triple knot that can vary in form as much as the god himself.

symbol: Iladza

Demrris is the lord of the sun and of storms, of life, vigor and action. Prydaen Barbarians and Warrior Mages are among his most fervent followers.

His fur is dark and bristly, and his stature is small -- just the right size for joining in the games of playful cubs, one of his favorite pastimes.

He has a very strong sense of justice, and will react swiftly and without warning against any evil that he sees. However, his attention span is brief, and he does not pursue enemies relentlessly as Rutilor does.

His symbol, the Iladza, is a disc of yellow gold bearing a multi-rayed sun in bas relief.

A popular Prydaen myth says that once a year, Demrris and Tenemlor trade roles for a day. A few clans believe that at any given time, either deity can be in either role.

symbol: Shariza

Tenemlor is the Guardian of the Blessed, defending the dead from necromancers and others who would disturb their rest. Serenity, silence, peace, and order are her domain. Prydaen Empaths revere her, for her touch heals fever and madness, and Moon Mages appeal to her for clear weather and freedom from distractions.

Tenemlor appears as a tall, proud, white-furred Prydaen with one blackened and withered paw. It is said of a good ruler that "Tenemlor stands behind him" -- maintaining peace and order, and watching his back for traitors.

Tenemlor's symbol, the Shariza, is a disc of blue gold bearing a pair of crescent moons.

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