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The Fallen
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Eluned - Lemicus - Drogor

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symbol: Dolphin
Eluned, Goddess of the Sea

Goddess of the seas and water, master of arcane and ancient wisdom, patron of learning and knowledge; chief deity of the Elotheans. She, along with her sister Peri'el, keeps the oceans moving and singing. Eluned is the creator of speech, as Meraud is the creator of written language. Eluned and Meraud sometimes coexist, but mostly do not see eye-to-eye enough in their motives to do so. It is Eluned's infinite wisdom that guides sailors at night.

Her usual form is a tall, pale woman with seaweed for hair, wearing dark green robes. However, to some followers Eluned consistently appears in male form, bearing a trident and a conch shell.

symbol: Albatross

Goddess of the inland (fresh) waters, Lemicus is also the protector of lost sailors and the creator of the lodestone. Lemicus is patron of libraries and the life of the ocean. She is an excellent dancer, and her laughter is what causes the winds to turn favorable for sea-bound merchants. Lemicus is often attended by several merfolk -- half fish, half human -- who spend hours combing her long hair and creating sea foam. She is the patron of dancers, librarians, Elves, and the wives of sailors.

symbol: Shark

God of the angry oceans, creator of hurricanes and tsunamis. Drogor's anger is readily apparent as the sky turns grey and the children of the ocean scatter, and he often takes it out on hapless mortals who dare to set foot on his water. Drogor is the drowner of children and the destroyer of knowledge; if he feels a librarian has slighted him, he will ruin his or her books by seeing they are soaked with water or -- if a large body of water is nearby -- set a tidal wave upon the establishment to destroy it.

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