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The Fallen
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Chadatru - Rutilor - Botolf

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symbol: Lion

Chadatru, the Sword of Justice
Next to Urrem'tier, Chadatru is the most faceless of the gods. Lord of Justice, he is also the fairest of all the gods, holding a sword in his right hand and an olive laurel in his left. Chadatru is blind, but he fights as if gifted with sight. Fierce in a battle, Chadatru is the great arbitrator and patron of kings, rulers, and judges. His word is his bond, and for good or ill, he is compelled to always speak the truth.

symbol: Mongoose

Rutilor is the defender of the gods. He judges with kindness and even-handedness, and is ferocious in what he defends. A patron of paladins, Rutilor will stalwartly defend anyone who he feels is getting a raw deal. Like Chadatru, he is a god of truth and cannot lie. He is a collector of swords, especially extraordinary ones, and has enchanted a few in his time. He has a small kennel of fearless hounds that he unleashes when someone has escaped his judgment; they cannot stop once they are on a trail, and they never lose their prey. Rutilor is much the same way and -- though short by comparison to other gods (it is the form he chose) -- has taken on opponents twice his size.

symbol: Goshawk

The god of dishonesty and deceit, Botolf is the symbol of corruption and bribery. His blessings (or curses, depending on which end you're on) cause murderers to go free and thieves to get off with damages paid by the person who prosecuted them. Botolf loves to visit Dirge (his favorite city), and is the patron of Knife Clan and thieves' guilds. Botolf is also the god of fallen paladins, and is known to manifest in tarnished armor in need of a polish.

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