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The Fallen
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Command Compendium


"A" Commands


see SAY.

Used when someone OFFERs you something.

USAGE: To accuse someone of theft you must go to the guard office in the city in which you caught a thief stealing from you. They do not need to be online for you to ACCUSE them.

(Note: Names must be typed EXACTLY as they appear.)
ACCUSE (name) (when in a guard house) Just type ACCUSE and then the mean ol' person who stole from you!
ACCUSE (name) to CLERK Trader only!

Use this when you catch a Thief in your pockets outside the city walls and the Guild may send thugs out to beat them up!


USAGE: ACT followed by what you want to act out AS IT WOULD LOOK TO THE ROOM

ACTION is *not* a substitute for speech. Do not use it to get around situations where you are unable to speak except to use appropriate gestures that convey meaning.

ACT (followed by what you want to act out AS IT WOULD LOOK TO THE ROOM) ACT dances a wacky two-step.

(Solomon dances a wacky two-step.)
ACT'S ACT 's nose drips onto the floor. PLOP! PLOP! PLOP!

(Solomon's nose drips onto the floor. PLOP! PLOP! PLOP!)
ACT, ACT , his nose dripping onto the floor, sneezes mightily.

(Solomon, his nose dripping onto the floor, sneezes mightily.)

Used to ADVANCE toward a target, usually a creature or another player.

ADVICE is a quickstart verb to help you learn your way around the game as fast as possible. It will teach you the basics, get you joined to a guild, equipped, and on your way to adventure.

ADVICE GUILD (number) This will give you guild-specific ADVICE.

Your choices are:

1: Skills needed to advance.
2: General advice.
ADVICE NEW This restart the entire ADVICE sequence.

Your ADVICE counter has been reset. Type ADVICE to start again.
ADVICE REPEAT This will repeat only the last bit of ADVICE you receive.
ADVICE WELFARE This will give only ADVICE about your well-being.

You have a normal body.
Your body feels at full strength.
Your spirit feels full of life.

You have no significant injuries.

Used for moving AFT on a ship (That's toward the back, landlubber!)

Used to show your current Agility stat, how many TDPs it will cost to raise your Agility by 1 point, and to explain the benefits of Agility.

Your base Agility is ten(10).

It will cost you 30 TDPs to raise your Agility from 10 to 11.

Agility helps you hit with weapons and targeted spells, improves manual tasks such as skinning or disarming, and is used in magical 'spell versus agility' contests, among other things.

Use INFO to view all your statistics at once.

Used to indicate that you AGREE with the terms you are being offered. Utilized by several systems in the game.

Used to AIM a ranged weapon (such as a bow) at a target.

Moon Mage and Ranger only

ALIGN is used by Moon Mages and Rangers to access certain special abilities.
ALIGN <amount of spirit health> (Ranger) Allows a Ranger to set the amount of spirit points he/she will use for a BESEECH.
ALIGN <skillset|skill> <curse> (Moon Mage) Allows a Moon Mage to target a skill or skillset, as well as decide if he wishes to curse instead of enhance the target, when using tool-based skill predictions.
ALIGN MOON <moon|sever> (Moon Mage) Allows a Moon Mage to set Grazhir, Katamba, Xibar, or Yavash as their default moon when using moon-specific spells and some enchantments.

Used to initiate a sneak attack while in hiding.
AMBUSH <target> You leap out of hiding and ambush a goblin, completely surprising it.

Moving like a striking snake, you step backward and then slice at a goblin. A goblin attempts to evade, moving directly into the blow. The broadsword lands an apocalyptic strike (So that's what it felt like when Grazhir shattered!) that explodes the heart and lungs with a bone-shattering blow to the chest.

A goblin collapses to the ground, shuddering and moaning until it ceases all movement.

Used to gather detailed information about a weapon or piece of armor.
ANALYZE <item> The broadsword is a forged heavy edged weapon.
It was made by someone with an amount of skill far below notice compared to your own.
It is in perfect condition.
It is an extremely easy piece to make.
It was pounded a couple times.
It is an ancient heirloom.

Roundtime: 20 seconds.

Used to ANSWER an NPC that has asked you a question, a Guild Liaison that has invited you to join a Guild Meeting, or to respond to an in-game survey.

- Using this while holding a food in your right hand will
result in pelting the miscreant with food.
(Warning: The food being thrown is destroyed.)
- Using this while holding a drink in your right hand will
result in giving them a toast.
- Using this while holding some types of real flowers in your
right hand will result in throwing it at their feet appreciatively.

- Using this option allows you to throw a single coin to someone
who isn't visibly guarded or avoiding mischievous play.

[Note: Your victim's demeanor may affect your attempts to throw various things.]
APPLAUD (self) You see:
You strut around, preening and patting yourself on the back. Not shy, are we?

Room sees:
Solomon struts around, tooting his own horn. Call an Empath, he's going to hurt something trying to pat himself on the back like that!
APPLAUD <a dead creature> You see:

You solemnly applaud the fallen form of a goblin.

Others see:

Solomon solemnly applauds the fallen form of a goblin.
APPLAUD <a held item> You see:

You turn a greatsword in the light, admiring it.

Others see:

Solomon turns a greatsword in the light, looking at it admiringly.
APPLAUD <a living creature> You applaud a goblin, cheering it on!
APPLAUD <an item on the ground> You see:

You step back and gaze at a barbed arrow admiringly.

Others see:

Solomon steps back and gazes at a barbed arrow admiringly.
APPLAUD <person> You see:

You gaze into Bubba's eyes and applaud him heartily.

Target sees:

Solomon looks at you and applauds!

Others see:

Solomon looks at Bubba and applauds!

You can APPLY a salve on yourself or another person.

APPLY <salve>
APPLY <salve> ON <self| someone else>

or direct it to a body part.
APPLY <salve> <head>
APPLY <salve> ON <self | someone else> <head>.

Used to appraise creatures to determine their abilities when compared to yours.

You can also APPRAISE items to determine their value and other important information.
APPRAISE <creature> You are certain that the goblin is healthy.
You are certain that it is a great deal less agile than you are.
You are certain that it is significantly less quick to react than you are.
You are certain that it is significantly weaker than you are.
Taking stock of its offensive abilities, and defending with no weapon, you are certain that the goblin is a mythical being of immense power and ability.
Taking stock of its defensive abilities, and attacking with no weapon, you are certain that the goblin is a mythical being of immense power and ability.

(Roundtime: 5 seconds)
APPRAISE <item> A broadsword is a heavy edged melee-ranged weapon.

You are certain that it could do:
low puncture damage
moderate slice damage
fair impact damage

You are certain that the broadsword is fairly balanced and is fairly suited to gaining extra attack power from your strength.

You are certain that the broadsword is moderately strong, and is in pristine condition.

The broadsword is made with metal.
You are certain that the broadsword weighs exactly 35 stones.
You are certain that the broadsword is worth exactly 287 kronars, 230 lirums, or 207 dokoras.
Roundtime: 8 seconds.

You can also APPRAISE <item> QUICK or CAREFUL and get more (or less) detailed information.

Allows a Ranger to ARRANGE a creature for Skinning...thus making making it harder for them to skin, and giving them more experience.

Can also be used to ARRANGE your (or another player's) hair.

Usage: ASK <player> ABOUT/FOR <subject>
or: ASK <creature> ABOUT/FOR <subject>
ASK (self) ABOUT (anything) You see:
Questioning yourself? That's scary!

Room sees:
Solomon stops briefly and it looks as if he is holding a serious debate in his mind. Then goes about his way as if nothing happened.

On its own, used to ASSESS your combat situation.

Usage: ASSESS - overview of the combat situation.
ASSESS PROTECT - overview of combat protection.
ASSESS GROUP - visible members of your group.
ASSESS TEACHING - what's being taught & by whom.
ASSESS RACE [silently] - race of people in room.
ASSESS MY RACE [silently] - others of your race.
ASSESS OTHER RACE [silently] - people not your race.
ASSESS RACE <race> [silently] - first person of that race.
The last 4 options can all be followed by SILENTLY to suppress messaging the room.

ASSESS GROUP Current members of your group include:
ASSESS MY RACE You study the area...

There doesn't seem to be another Dwarf around.
ASSESS OTHER RACE You study the area...

Denwyn is a male S'Kra Mur. He is middle-aged for a S'Kra Mur.
That's everyone!
ASSESS RACE You study the area...

Denwyn is a male S'Kra Mur. He is middle-aged for a S'Kra Mur.
That's everyone!
ASSESS RACE (race) >assess race s'kra

You study the area...

The first S'Kra Mur you see is Denwyn, a male. He is middle-aged for a S'Kra Mur.
ASSESS TEACHING You assess the teaching environment...

You are teaching a class on appraisal, and you have room for 4 more students.
Your current students are:

To get help from a GameHost and/or GameMaster, use ASSIST REQUEST and specify the reason why you need assistance. To do so, type ASSIST REQUEST <your reason for assisting goes here>

ATMOSPHERE {lefthand|righthand}
This verb allows you to turn on or off special atmospheric messaging for an item which was created with the item atmosphere messaging system. Simply hold the item in your left or right hand (and indicate which hand to check when using the verb.) If they item is currently inactive, it will be set active. If the item is active, it will be set inactive. Please note, activating the item does not mean it will immediately perform its function.

ATTACK is a very basic way to fight creatures.

Using the ATTACK verb loop through a very basic, balance-neutral combo based on the weapon you are currently using. It won't be the BEST combo for your weapon, but it will generally allow you to stay moderately balanced.

AVOID flag settings: (! means no.) Example; AVOID JOIN allows joining, AVOID !JOIN disables the ability of others to join you. AVOID !ALL sets them all to NO, AVOID ALL clears them all.


Used to AWAKEN after SLEEPing.

You awaken from your reverie and begin to take in the world around you (You will now begin to gain new experience again).



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