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Latest News

Tuesday Tidings - 63 - Greedy Vaults - DR-ZADRAES on 05/04/2021

Happy Tuesday, Elanthians!  This week, Paklin is fulfilling a player request to allow you to pre-pay your vaults! Huzzah!  Read on for all the details!

Tuesday Tidings - 62 - Housing - DR-ZADRAES on 04/27/2021

Happy Tuesday, folks!  Ever wanted a home with a view of the Oxenwaithe or the High Temple?  New neighborhoods along Tatting Street and Riverlace Lane make it a reality!  Read on for more info!

Tuesday Tidings - 61 - Vineyards - DR-ZADRAES on 04/20/2021

Happy Tuesday, Elanthians!  This week, Ulerith has begun the arduous process of overhauling the hunting beyond Crossing's northeast gate!  Less overlap, better spawn, upgraded gear templates, recalls and more!  Read on!

Tuesday Tidings - 60 - News - DR-ZADRAES on 04/13/2021

Happpy Tuesday, Elanthians!  This week, Koror has prodded Flindre and his imps into once again expanding the locations of their news stands across the realms!  Read on to discover if the local copy is a little more local to where you reside!


Happy Tuesday, Adventurers!  The Xala'shar menace continues to threaten Zoluren, but new insights have made approaching their toughest warriors possible!  Read on for the details!

Tuesday Tidings - 58 - Shadow's Reach - DR-ZADRAES on 03/30/2021

Happy Tuesday, Elanthians!  Paklin has breathed new life into the Shadow's Reach forges in southern Ilithi!  Go forth and craft all the things!  Read on for more!


Happy Tuesday, Adventurers!  This week, Cordulia tackled more improvements in appraisal -- shields, hair slots, and APP FOCUS were all improved!  Read on to find out more!

Tuesday Tidings - 56 - Wyvern Plateau - DR-ZADRAES on 03/16/2021

Happy Tuesday, Adventurers!  This week, Ulerith visited Wyvern Mountain and found it lacking a plateau of storm bulls, so she willed it into being!  Read on for more details!

Tuesday Tidings - 55 - Rakash - DR-ZADRAES on 03/09/2021

Happy Tuesday, Elanthians!  This week, Koror picked up a project that Persida had wanted to do for Rakash!  Read on to find out more!

Tuesday Tidings - 54 - Abandoned Mine - DR-ZADRAES on 03/02/2021

Happy Tuesday, Elanthians!  This week, we did a little excavating in Stone Clan's Abandoned Mines and managed to uncover more areas with warklins and maulers!  Estate Holders are needed to contain the threat!

Happy Anniversary!
Hollow Eve is almost here! - Producer on 10/28/2020

The Ocean Is Stirring...


It is a rare sight few have seen. Where only moments before there had been an endless expanse of blue on blue, an unbroken horizon where sea and sky touched without land or life of any kind to disrupt the view, now bubbling and frothing as if the seas themselves were expelling a breath held within their hidden depths for too long.

Set Sail for Adventure! - Producer on 09/15/2020

Fantasy Excursions has unveiled a new vacation package! Set sail aboard the Morada and cruise in decadent luxury to one of our own private ports at the island of Taisidon! The exotic, untouched wilderness of the island is yours to explore!

Tuesday Tidings - 20 - DR-ULERITH on 07/07/2020
Tuesday Tidings - 20
Spring 2020 Promotions - SIMU-LYNEYA on 04/06/2020

Adventurers! These last few weeks have certainly been an adventure, just not the kind we're used to here in Elanthia. During these crazy and unprecedented times, we know how important it is to stay connected. The makers of DragonRealms want to help make it as easy as possible to stay connected, which is why we're bringing back one of our best reactivation deals.

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