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Latest News

Tuesday Tidings - 123 - More Forges! - DR-ZADRAES on 06/21/2022

Tuesday has arrived once again, and Ulerith is back to spread more rentable forges around the realms!  Those of you in Hibarnhvidar and Riverhaven can now access private forges!  Read on for the details!

Tuesday Tidings - 122 - Lang Fens Revamp - DR-ZADRAES on 06/21/2022

Today's Tuesday Tidings is a revamp of the Gwenalion Fens near Langenfirth, courtesy of Ulerith!  The creatures have been separated and additional tiers added.  Read on for the full details!

Tuesday Tidings - 121 - Adan'f Dancers - DR-ZADRAES on 06/14/2022

Greetings and happy Tuesday!  This week, we took a look at the Adan'f dancers in the ice caves near Shard and made some adjustments!  Read on for the details!

Tuesday Tidings - 120 - Spells - DR-ZADRAES on 06/07/2022

Happy Tuesday, Adventurers!  The SPELL verb has been updated with a new output option, and TOGGLE can let you swap between the styles!  Read on for the details!


Happy Tuesday, folks!  Paklin is back this week with an update to the LOOT verb so you can set your own default preference!  Read on to find out the details!

Tuesday Tidings - 118 - Enchanting Ratha - DR-ZADRAES on 05/24/2022

It's Tuesday again already!  This week, Cordulia has whipped up a new enchanting crafting society for Ratha!  Read on for the details!


Happy Tuesday, Elanthians!  This week, Ulerith brings us a new Forging Society to Aesry!  It has public tools as well as private, rentable forges for those who want it!  Continue reading for all the details, including where to find it!

Tuesday Tidings - 116 - Magma Cobras - DR-ZADRAES on 05/10/2022

Happy Tuesday, folks! This week, Koror brings another update to Ratha's high level hunting with a new Hav'roth-themed magma cobra creature!  They have a new aura mechanic, and special gems, so you'll definitely want to keep reading for the details in the forums post!


Happy Tuesday, adventurers!  This week has a couple of quality of life updates for the ASSESS verb for our Wrayth users including an auto-refresh and clickable links to LOOK at and FACE a particular target.  Read on for more details!

Tuesday Tidings - 114 - Rent A Forge - DR-ZADRAES on 04/26/2022

Happy Tuesday, folks! This week, we bring rentable private forges to Crossing!  This is a big one, so definitely click to read the full release notes and details!


Happy Tuesday, all!  This week, Cordulia brings us a pair of updates to scrolls -- alterer scrolls AND spell scrolls!  Read on for the details!


Welcome to another Tuesday, adventurers!  This week, Ulerith has expanded Zand's Exotic Pets in Fang Cove, this time with feline varieties!  The enthusiastic shop owner is even visiting Fang Cove, this week, so be sure to check out the new finds before she rotates out next week!  Read on for more!

Tuesday Tidings - 111 - More Drakes! - DR-ZADRAES on 04/05/2022

It's Tuesday, and Koror is bringing an expansion to the Pivilho Volcano drakes!  Hurricane drakes, the elder relatives of the gale drakes, have claimed space higher up the volcano's side!  Be wary, they can strike fast!


Happy Tuesday, all!  This week, we bring a new shop to Inner Hibarnhvidar to provide a tool inspired by some RP a group of PvPers were engaged in recently!  These items mark an area for others to see, and the janitor automatically returns them to the Lost & Found!  Read on for more details!

Tuesday Tidings - 109 - Kiora'ylen - DR-ZADRAES on 03/22/2022

It's Tuesday, and Paklin brings us an awesome release by finishing up a project that former GM Duscot started -- new construct hunting near Fayrin's Rest in a House of the Silk Strings compound.  Read on for the details!

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