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Restoral Frequently Asked Questions

You may also wish to read our restoral policy.


I lost my character prior to March 6, 2000, is there any way I can get it back?
No, we do not have the technical capabilities prior to March 6, 2000 to restore characters lost prior. On March 5, 2000 we changed the type of equipment and tapes used for backups. Four years later, we no longer have the previous equipment.


I lost my character to a game bug and/or they were corrupted, can I get them back?
Yes, if your character has been corrupted, it can be restored. If your case has never been reviewed before and it is verified it was lost to a game bug and/or corruption, the character restoral fee may be waived. One instance where the fee will not be waived is if you have been warned about too much inventory and have been told that your character is not eligible for a restoral if your character is corrupted due to too much inventory.


I have submitted a character restore request in the past to Feedback and it was declined, can I still use this feature?
Yes, you can. However, your case will not be reviewed again, for purposes of restoring outside of this policy and will be charged the $250 character restoral fee.


I had my character/account forfeited due to an in-game policy violation or billing issue, can I get those characters back?
Characters forfeited due to policy violations are not eligible to be returned. Characters which were permanently killed or rerolled into a character that has been forfeited are not eligible. Characters on accounts which have been forfeited by the billing department will need to be reviewed by the Billing Department to determine eligibility.


My character is on a closed account, can I get it back?
Yes, if your account is simply closed, the account can be reopened by the Billing Department. You can submit the account reactivation form to have the account reactivated . Reactivating an account has no fee beyond the monthly subscription fee.


I deleted my character on the website, can I get it back?
Yes, please contact the Billing Department at stating the name of the character that you had deleted. If you do not have enough room for the character, an additional character slot will be added for you. A deleted character is not gone, it is simply not visible on your character list.


I don't like what happened to my character today, can my character be restored to yesterday?
No, we are not offering this as a save game feature.


How much is this going to cost me?
The charge for this service is $250 per character. Some cases, such as valid game bug or character corruption, will find this fee waived. There is a $50 non-refundable deposit before we start looking through the character backup tapes and logs and the remaining $200 is due before we return the character to you.


How long does this process take?
The time that it can take will vary depending on a number of circumstances. The largest factor is how easy it is for us to determine the exact date of the character loss. Another key difficulty is if you have created and lost a number of characters with the same or similar names. Two weeks is likely to be an average time, but more difficult cases may take a month or more to complete.


How long after we have found the correct character will it take to have them returned to me?
Once both parties have agreed upon the correct character file, the character restoral fee will be charged to your account. Once the charge successfully processes, the character will be available for use on the account within 3 business days.


Can I get all the items I had on that character back too?
Characters will be returned exactly as they were during the most recently backed up character file prior to their loss. If it had the items at that time, then yes, if not, then no. There may be some exceptions to this in cases where the character handed off items to other characters prior to their loss.


Do I need to know the character's PIN?
No, the PIN is not necessary.


What if I transferred my character to another person's account?
No, once a character is transferred off of your account, you are no longer the player of that character and cannot request their return. Any previous characters lost and rolled into the same character slot will not be returned to you.


What if I want that character restored to an account different from the original one it resides upon?
Yes, but you must be the account holder of both accounts, even if one of the accounts is closed.


What will happen to my character if their backup file was prior to GemStone IV?
There were significant changes in the characters when GemStone IV was released. Many of the characters are of different levels and have different skills than when they were in GemStone III. Please see additional information about the changes from GemStone III to GemStone IV on this page. The first time you log the restored character into GemStone IV, they will automatically be converted into the GemStone IV systems. The things that will happen are as follows:

  1. Character's stats will be re-assigned by the system automatically to the current stat placement system of 620 points + 10 to the profession's primary two stats.
  2. Character's skills will automatically be re-trained, based upon the character's prior training, using the new skill sets and training point allocations for GemStone IV.
  3. Each character has a 30-day grace period starting from the first time that they log into GemStone IV to readjust their character's stats and skills more to their liking.
  4. Characters will have the use of one FIXSKILLS, as described in NEWS 2 41 in-game to immediately set their skills.


Will my Premium/Auction home be restored with my character?
No. These items are benefits to the account. As homes are not lost with the character's demise, if the account had remained valid for this benefit, it would still be upon the account.


What will happen to any bonded items I may have had on my character prior to its loss?
In most cases, there should be little to no effect with them. However, in the cases that we must restore the character with a new name over-writing a different file, additional work may be necessary to re-sync those items back to the character.



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