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Help! My character is gone! What do I do?

If you log into the game and find your character simply "gone", or find yourself in the character manager with the message "It looks like you were disconnected making a new character...." (or something similar), your character may be corrupted. You can send a request to have your character restored, and a customer service representative will help to determine what happened to your character.

If your character is corrupt, we'll do our very best to get it restored to you very soon. However, the process may take a week or slightly longer, depending on the type of corruption.

To fill in a character restoral request form, click here.

How do I make a new character?

Instructions on how to create a new character are available in-game with the RETIRE verb. When you RETIRE a character, you are essentially deleting it and creating a new one. Typing RETIRE while you're in the game will give you instructions on how to go about this.

If you want a new character but don't want to delete the old one, you may wish to consider having an additional character slot added to your account. More information about that is available here.

Can I change the name of my character? How?

Unfortunately, you can't just change the name of your character. To get a new name, you have to completely reroll your character by going to the local Inn, checking in, and retiring the character.

There's something wrong with my character...where can I get help?

For most difficulties with your character, you're going to need to call a GameMaster or Host in the game first and have them take a look. We have no way of looking your character over from Customer Service, and so we can't see the system readouts we need to to make an accurate diagnosis of just what's wrong. Just type ASSIST in the game for information on how a Host or GameMaster can help you out!

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