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Latest News

Hi folks, and happy Tuesday!  This week is a small one -- the COMPARE verb should now handle elemental stats for weapons!  Enjoy!


Happy Tuesday!  Ulerith brings new magma bulls to the Sicle Grove area!  These are tougher than the ember bulls from before -- take care!  Read on for more details!


Strike Team has updated the COUNT and PREPARE verbs this week!  Read on for details!


Crafters rejoice -- another Tuesday has arrived to bring good tidings to your efforts!  The Shadow's Reach Forge has gained the rent-a-forge mechanics AND a bulk-metals shop, and previous bulk-metal shops got an update, too!  Read on for the details!


Happy Tuesday from Paklin!  You can now INFUSE CHECK to see which of your items may benefit from using an infuser stone on them!  Read on for more details!

Tuesday Tidings - 183 - Jousting Updates - DR-ZADRAES on 08/22/2023

Cordulia is back this week with an update to jousting mechanics and scoring!  Your special lances are safe and likely will improve your scores over disposable lances!  Read on for the details!


Today's Tuesday Tidings introduces a new hunting area near Sicle Grove!  You'll now find ember bulls roaming around, and there's a section for Estate Holders as well!  Read on for more!


Tuesday has arrived, and with it comes another update!  This week, we revisited the luck-based crafting mat drops from high level creatures!  These will now always be flagged for autolooting, so long as you have a valid lootsack with space and autoloot turned on!


Happy Tuesday!  The arena in Steelclaw Clan has had some updates!  Better life mana in the temple, improved OBSERVE mechanics, and more!  Read on for the details!

Tuesday Tidings - 179 - RECALL HERB - DR-ZADRAES on 07/25/2023

Paklin has the Tuesday update this week!  He's updated the info in RECALL HERB to fill in the gaps and be more accurate for modern foraged herbs used in remedies!  The related book and spellbook leaf are updated too!  Cheers!


Cordulia brings this week's Tuesday Tidings with another update to Iprilu's Emporium.  Those of you with horses may find these additions particularly interesting!  Read on for the details!


Happy Tuesday from Ulerith!  This week, she's added rent-a-craft access to each of the crafting societies in Ratha!

Tuesday Tidings - 176 - Deed Registers - DR-ZADRAES on 07/04/2023

Hi folks, and happy Tuesday!  We've updated deed registers to show a table-formatted output for those with the TOGGLE CRAFT option enabled.  Enjoy!

Tuesday Tidings - 175 - New Remedies - DR-ZADRAES on 06/27/2023

Happy Tuesday!  We've added two new remedies to round out what's available!  Read on for details on the new flamestalk potions and marram salves!

Tuesday Tidings - 174 - Express Yourself - DR-ZADRAES on 06/20/2023

Happy Tuesday, all!  Paklin took on a recent player request to expand the emote options used by SAY, HISS, GROWL and more!  Read on for the full list of additions!

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