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CyberStrike 2 Software

CyberStrike 2 Demos
Ready to hop in the arena and start shooting? Just download either of the Multiplayer software files and you'll be battling it out against other bloodthirsty CyberPod pilots in minutes!

CyberStrike 2 Multiplayer
This version contains everything you need to start playing CyberStrike 2 Multiplayer right now!

Download Now

CyberStrike 2 Multiplayer w/Missions
With two nail-biting, heart-pounding missions from the CyberStrike 2 single-player game!

Download Now

CyberStrike II Maps and Mods
Maps and files for CyberStrike 2 available for download from our website. To use: download and unzip into your CyberStrike 2 directory.

Maps can also be downloaded from within the game in the CS2 Hub. Due to differing compression, maps may take longer to download from the website rather than via the Hub.

File Size
Alternate CS2 Hub Skin (download) 1177kb
Uncompressed Sound Library (download)
For improved sound quality.
Maps 1-8 (download) 21,796kb
Maps 9-28 (download) 28,391kb
Map 1 - Pipetown (download) 3323kb
Map 3 - Canyon (download) 3320kb
Map 4 - Fjorme (Destroyed) (download) 4641kb
Map 5 - Volcano (download) 1990kb
Map 6 - Disciples' Base (download) 2899kb
Map 7 - Shield Generator (download) 1570kb
Map 8 - Munitions Depot (download) 4056kb
Map 9 - Tri-Platinum Mine (download) 5816kb
Map 11 - Knights' Base (download) 4218kb
Map 13 - Liberator Base (download) 3943kb
Map 14 - Jungle (download) 4244kb
Map 19 - Fjorme (download) 4558kb
Map 23 - Geslo (Whole) (download) 4216kb
Map 28 - Noz (download) 1400kb
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