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CyberStrike 2


Offensive Maneuvers Defensive Maneuvers
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Offensive Maneuvers

The Suicide Maneuver
This is a head on, standing attack. Face your opponent, do not move, and fire at them until either they or you explode. It is called the Suicide Maneuver for good reason. Unless you have a distinct advantage over your enemy, you are more likely to lose. However, there are times when this is a reasonable tactic. If you are engaged in one-to-one combat, your opponent is damaged, and you are running out of time, then you might want to trade off the damage you would receive for the chance to remove your enemy from the field. If there are two or more opponents, even if they are damaged, using the Suicide Maneuver is tantamount to...well, suicide.

The Backpedal Maneuver
This is similar to the Suicide Maneuver in that you face your opponent head on. However, instead of standing still, you move backwards as you fire. This has one distinct advantage. Your opponent is unlikely to stand still, but will instead attempt to avoid your fire, while trying to find ways to inflict deadly damage on you. One common defensive technique is to charge an enemy, jump over the enemy pod, and spin around to bring all guns to bear on the enemy. Backpedaling is somewhat effective against that maneuver, and allows you to keep your guns trained on your opponent for a longer period of time. However, since forward movement and jumps are faster than backpedaling, this tactic will fail over long distances. You must be ready to react by spinning about, once your opponent gets past you. If you are lucky, you will have gotten a good deal of damage to their forward shields and armor.

Spinning or turning your CyberPod Around
This is both a defensive and an offensive maneuver. Learning to spin your pod quickly, so that your guns are facing the enemy. will give you a valuable edge in combat. There are several ways of spinning around:

Spinning while standing still
This is not usually the wisest thing to do. However, in tight surroundings where the faster spins might drop you off a cliff or run you into a wall, this becomes the only way of spinning around

Spinning while moving forward
Simply put, this is moving forward while turning right or left. This is a very natural maneuver and easy to master. However, it is also easy to fall into a rut, and to rely on this method of turning/spinning because it is so natural. If you don't learn the other methods you are going to find yourself outmaneuvered in combat.

Spinning while moving backward
While this may seem like just the opposite of the forward spin maneuver, it is not. It is also not as natural as the forward spin, and takes some practice to master. Once mastered, it will pay off big with extra hits on your opponent and fewer hits on you. The primary use of this maneuver is keeping a nearby opponent in your gun sights as they attempt to move past or around you. To do this maneuver, turn away from your opponent as you backpedal.

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