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CyberStrike 2


Offensive Maneuvers Defensive Maneuvers
Suggested Load-Outs Modules, Towers and Ravens
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Load out Strategies

There are many other approaches to loading out your CyberPod: "Armed to the Teeth," "Sneaky,"  "Sniper" and others. In fact, the number of load-out variations is incredible, so don't get hung up thinking these are the best load outs you can have. Different situations work best with different load outs.

The "Hardened CyberPod" is designed to maximize survivability. When available it uses Hardened Shield, Armored Hull, Heavy Capacitor and either an Automated Repair or a Repair module. Automated Repair is preferable in situations where you have high power. A Repair module is much faster; once used it is gone, but it also repairs your hull quickly.

To maximize your defensive load out, add another Repair module and a Reserve Power module. If you really want to make yourself safe, add a Jump Jet, so you can wig out on a moment's notice. Finally, to maximize your invisibility, add a Stealth.

If you load all those modules, you will have used 7 bays. The other 3 should be loaded out for offensive capabilities. If you want to be able to fire from long distance, add in a Longshot. After all, it's harder to hit something from a long distance. But if you're going to be in close combat, don't bother.

You should have 2 or 3 modules left for weapons. Since you aren't arming yourself to the teeth you have to compromise on which weapons you take. Choose one energy weapon and one explosive (preferably a Rockeye). Then decide if you want another explosive or something to enhance your energy weapon.

For instance, you might want to get an enhanced weapons capacitor to allow you to shoot more shots before you have to let it recharge. Or you might want a Mega Cell, which doubles the amount of energy your battery can handle (this can be crucial in defense when you need that energy to jump around. It can really ruin your day to be unable to jump over a wall when you are pinned against it by an enemy) which will keep both your defensive and your offensive capabilities running longer in under-powered situations.

The "Armed to the Teeth" Option concentrates on firepower. Due to the large number of weapon modules, this approach has many variations. But generally you can classify two major approaches: Energy Weapons, and Explosives. Each of these expresses the emphasis of how you "arm to the teeth."

Explosives give you a huge, though limited punch. The weakness here is that once you've used up your explosives, your energy weapons seem weak in comparison. The idea is to not let your opponent realize this. If you plan to sustain a battle using explosives, you will have to rely on Raven drops to keep you supplied. A good player can coordinate drops so that they are rarely, if ever out of explosives.

One approach to arming to the teeth with explosives is to get 2 Rockeyes, 2 Grenades and 1 or 2 Cluster Mortars. This gives you a heavy punch that can take out an enemy quickly. With the remaining 5 or 6 module bays, you'll have to make the choice on whether you will go heavy on energy weapons or go heavier on defensive modules. Your choice will depend on what kind of fight you plan to wage.

The energy weapon approach to arming to the teeth usually involves a Gauss Cannon, or Tri-Shot, or both. A Gauss Cannon does a lot of damage, but fires slowly and uses a lot of your weapon capacitor. To be effective with this weapon, you will want the heavy capacitor so you can fire several shots before having to wait for it to recharge. You will also want to shoot only when you know you are going to score a hit. If you are a good shot, this is a good way to go.

Intense use of energy weapons requires that you have a solid energy grid, preferably using Mega Towers. It is very difficult to keep up the damage from the heavy energy weapons setups. In cases when you are low on power, you will be forced to shift to lower power guns in order to maintain any chance of being effective. Generally, when you are out of battery power, it is time to head back to your power grid.

Close in fighting almost demands Tri-Shot. While not truly tripling the potential damage your shot can make, it perhaps more than doubles the normal weapon. Of course it uses more energy, but nose-to-nose you can wreak havoc very quickly with an opponent's shields and armor. Combine this with shield disruption, and you can see that even should your opponent run, you can still do damage to his hull if you take down his shields.

One of the main tactics of being "Armed to the Teeth" is the willingness to chase down your opponent. If you are playing defensively, you will want to run when in danger. The CyberPod pilot with blood in his eyes will want to run down his opponent before he gets away to regenerate.

With this in mind, you are going to find yourself in a situation where you are out of power and desperately hoping to get that last killing shot in. When you get it, it's a great thrill, but if you happen to be running into a pack of defenders, you are going to have to fight for your life. Pushing this to the limit and succeeding will give you an intense rush. Knowing when to chase and how far is something of an art, but if you target your opponent, you'll know if it is worthwhile. Remember that Cluster Mortar? When your opponent is nearly dead, but you can't chase them any further, tossing a Cluster Mortar ahead of them has the potential of finishing the job for you.

The "Sneaky" approach is to set yourself up for stealth and surprise. Using a Stealth or Cloak module will allow you to get very close to your opponent before they detect you. This often gives you a decisive advantage. The "Sniper" stealth, to get in a few shots and then hide behind his power before emerging from someplace else to continue whittling away the opponent. Gauss Cannon makes a great long-range sniper weapon, though it's highly unlikely you'll be able to take out a CyberPod with one shot. This works best picking off weakened opponents. Otherwise you will have to be a very patient sniper to get some kills. A variation on the "Sniper" is the "Ambusher." This approach attempts to surprise the enemy and rain fire and brimstone down upon them. Often this is done from above but is also done sneaking from behind. The use of Jump Jets and Hover Jets helps in setting you up for this.

Finally, there are the hybrids. That is, you can combine each of these approaches to fine tune your load-out. For instance a hybrid between the "Hardened CyberPod" and an "Armed to the Teeth" CyberPod is a common and popular approach. It gives you survivability with a hefty punch. But whichever approach you start with, much of the fun in CyberStrike 2 is coming up with a successful and new load out strategy. Good luck.

Special Suggested LoadOuts

1. Ground Pounder

- Armored Hull
- Hardened Shield
- Mega Cell
- Heavy Capacitor
- Longshot
- Mass Driver
- Shield Disruptor
- Tri-shot
- Reserve Power
- Plasma Cannon

Run in with mass driver and shield disrutor to knock down shields, then go in close with tri-shot/plasma cannon to take out hull.

2. Scout

- Jumpjet
- Jumpjet
- Hoverjet
- Stealth
- Proton Particle Cannon
- Longshot
- Reserve Power
- Mines
- Hardened Shield
- Automated Repair
- Cluster

Scout enemy territory, snipe power, lay mines in your enemies base.

3. Demolition

- Tracking Rockets
- Rockeye
- Grenades
- Mortars
- Pulse Laser
- Longshot
- Cluster
- Rollers
- Armored Hull
- Hardened Shield

Blow everyone up -- but be careful not to hit yourself!

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