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CyberStrike 2


Offensive Manuevers Defensive Manuevers
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Defensive Maneuvers
When surrounded, or when severely damaged, usually only one option remains...RUN! It is better to run now and return later, than to stick around to die. The following maneuvers, while appropriate for saving your neck when it's about to be cut off, are equally useful during all periods of your fire-fights. The entire point of Defensive Maneuvers is to keep the enemy's fire off your pod.

The number one rule in a firefight is to keep movingLred.jpg (7340 bytes). A sitting duck is aptly named. Don't be one. When you have two or more opponents on you, get out of their way using the methods listed below. When facing one opponent you can take greater risks. When you start mastering the game, you can start to face multiple enemies.

Jumping is the most effective way of avoiding enemy fire. When in danger, hop around for a while as you head out of danger. You'll still take hits, but far less than if you just ran away. Keep in mind that the enemy will notice that you're jumping all the time, and compensate with different tactics. You will need to mix this defensive maneuver with others.

And advanced method of jumping is to use a Jump Jet to throw you halfway across the map. It is a very effective means to get you out of trouble. However, be sure you are facing in the right direction when you fire the jet. Ideally, you want to aim yourself toward friendly lines, particularly ones with power towers.

Jumping in close quarters or running into an overhang or other obstacle can turn jumping into a suicidal endeavor. Running into an obstacle destroys the value of the jump and slows you down, putting you in a very awkward and dangerous position.

Jumping requires extra energy, so in low power situations, use it sparingly, and only as needed.

This is the second most effective way to avoid enemy fire, and is the preferred method in close quarters. You can weave while moving forward or backward. If you are moving backward while weaving, you may also have the advantage of keeping enemy units in your forward line of site, allowing you to shoot back. Weaving is generally ineffective when you have an opponent on your flank.

90 Degree Run
When your opponent is on your left or right flank, simply run forward. A moving target is difficult to hit, and they will have to shoot ahead of you in order to have a chance of hitting you. If your opponent isn't on your left or right, you can easily put them in that position with a quick backpedal turn, or forward turn. Since your opponent will quickly get a bead on you, you will want to mix this up with a jump or two, particularly when you hear that distinct "thunk" of weapon hitting shield or armor. Varying your speed while running may also help keep your opponent off balance.

1podred.gif (12810 bytes)The Backpedal
When turning to flee, backpedal while you turn if possible. This will make you a harder target to hit, and often gets you in a position to start running sooner than if you just stood still and turned. In tight situations this can get you into trouble however, temporarily getting you stuck under obstacles.

Jump over a wall, or turn a corner to get a wall or building between you and your enemy. It's a great way to stop the punishing damage being inflicted upon you.

Looking Left and Right when you're running Forward and Backward
Use the independent movement of your CyberPod's chassis. Your pod's torso can keep running in one direction while your chassis faces another. This may be the most difficult aspect of handling a CyberPod but it is absolutely crucial that you learn how to take advantage of it if you want to be truly successful. If you play at the harder levels, then mastering this is a must. The better you are able to use this feature, the more effective you will be.
Offensive and Defensive maneuvers are both enhanced using this feature. It is hard to learn to move your chassis while running at full speed, keeping track of where you are heading, aiming and then shooting effectively, but when you can do it well, it pays off big.

Practice this in skirmish and in the training mission. The training mission is a great place to try this out without worry. Once you feel you know how move the chassis without getting disoriented, and are able to reasonably stay pointed in the right direction, practice in skirmish against one CyberPod opponent (and be sure they are lightly armed). When you begin to master moving in one direction while pointing your chassis and weapons in another, you are ready for anything...well, hopefully. You still have many tough fights ahead of you.

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