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Developer's Journal CS2

Mike Anderson - Developer

As a senior staff member of CyberStrike Classic and CyberStrike 2, I've become very experienced with the CyberStrike series. I first played the original CyberStrike when it was on the GEnie online network. I loved the game so much that I applied to become a staff member. In '96 when CyberStrike came to America Online I was hired as an Assistant CyberOp...and the rest is history.

  DECEMBER 14TH, 2001

Programmed the HUB server to allow subscribers to enter shareware only arenas if there are 20 or less people online.

I also fixed a bug which caused the HUB server to lockup yesterday.

Some changes were made a couple days ago to help prevent games from unexpectedly dieing. So far so good. Only one game died since this, which was possibly due to me accidentally using up all the hard disk space on that game server.<whistles innocently>

  DECEMBER 10TH, 2001

Just added a 15000 Kills medal and deployed it.... some people are playing speed2 too much. ;) 

Mainly I'm working on fixing a problem which is causing games to "die unexpectedly", now why can't the bugs do that too?

  DECEMBER 5TH, 2001

Finished two more features. A /TIME slash command which will give the current CyberStrike Standard Time. This is to aide in scheduling things such as matches. This feature is scheduled to be deployed with MS3.

The other feature is to allow staff to easily set player's names, for things such as old name releases. Prior to this names had to be released manually in the database by a programmer.

I'm currently working on several other items such as bug fixes, making the games(server side) more crash proof, post production on many new medals, adding a training mission for new players. 

  DECEMBER 2ND, 2001

Today we added 15 more ranks and released them on the live server. I also put in a feature to fix a bug related to the Zone.

  NOVEMBER 23RD, 2001

A few days ago, for the first time a player( {{Cataclysm}} ) hit the 10,000 Earned Kills mark. We didn't have a medal for that mark since during the design of CS2, they didn't expect the staff to make very fast paced rulesets, which they did. So, we created a new medal for the 10K EKs mark and awarded it to him. Thanks to the staff member THE-WARRIOR for the artwork.

This marks the first of many new medals to be added, as well as new ranks!

  NOVEMBER 6TH, 2001

I fixed a bug with T-ROCKETS which was causing them to do way to much damage when fired by a CyberPod. They now do the same amount as they did before.

I also made a change to try and fix a problem with stealth and cloak.

These changes were deployed to the non-beta version of CS2 today.


  OCTOBER 29TH, 2001

Its official, the scheduled deployment date for Milestone #2 is this Wed. 10-31-2001. aka Halloween. This means we'll get to use some of the hidden scary things I got ready for Halloween. ;)

  OCTOBER 26TH, 2001

Tonight I released a new beta version of milestone #2, cloak now uses 1.5x the power that stealth does, some bugs were also fixed.

We're almost finished with milestone #2. :)

  OCTOBER 20TH, 2001

I spent most of the last couple days tracking down a bug with the Air Defense turrets. Which I've now fixed. Beta testers, you won't see the fix until the beta FE software is updated. 

Well, its 4:18 AM, now that I've fixed the bug I can get a few minutes sleep before getting back to work. ;)

  OCTOBER 17TH, 2001

We opened the milestone #2 beta to the CyberStrike 2 subscribers tonight! 

  OCTOBER 16TH, 2001

The staff testing is going well, we made some tweaks to the turrets. But, mostly we just played around with the new stuff. <G> 

  OCTOBER 15TH, 2001

Everything is now setup for the open beta, the staff are currently testing to make sure there are no major problems.

  OCTOBER 12TH, 2001

Today I finished(I think) a program that zone members will use to beta test milestone #2. Also I fixed another bug in CS2.

  OCTOBER 11TH, 2001

More good news, soon we will begin open beta testing of Milestone #2! 

  SEPTEMBER 23RD, 2001

After hours of reprogramming/testing/logging to actually track down the the cause which required a very minor change, the Air Defense turrets now do damage, but the tracking rockets that they fire don't seek out the target like they do when fired by a player. 

Its now past 3 AM, I think I'll call it a night and work on that tomorrow or I suppose that will be today, bah.

At one point I did have them firing rollers at me though. ;)

  SEPTEMBER 22ND, 2001

I'm now working on getting 4 modules up and running:

- Cloak
- Flare
- Dual Gauss Turret
- Air Defense Turret

I've got the first three working so far but, Air Defense, which uses t-rockets isn't doing any damage.

  SEPTEMBER 20TH, 2001

Its been almost a month since I've given an update so, here is the latest scoop on milestone #2. I'd say its about 80% finished. Here is some of the neat stuff that is already finished:

- Option for players to create password protected match games.
- Thunderstorm and snow features have been added to the weather system.
- A new map has been found and added.
- Several bugs have been fixed.

  AUGUST 21ST, 2001

Today we released a fix to correct a bug in milestone #1, everything went well. Milestone #1 is now officially finished.

I've already got several bug fixes that will be in milestone #2 finished.

  AUGUST 16TH, 2001

The testing is going good, not problems found. The scheduled release date of the FPS/Arcade bug fix is Tuesday the 21st. 

Work on milestone #2 has already started.

  AUGUST 9TH, 2001

A bug was found that was causing people with high frame rates to be unable to turn correctly with arcade mode. That bug is now fixed. After internal testing is finished we'll release it as another update.


  JULY 17TH, 2001

Today we setup test servers running milestone #1 at Simu. Everything appeared to be working correctly. So, we've set the public launch date for milestone #1 to next Tuesday 7-24-2001!

  JULY 11TH, 2001

The CyberStrike 2 staff has given a GO on the current version of milestone #1. We decided its best to wait until the current tournament is over before releasing milestone #1. This way we will avoid changing the game mechanics during a tournament. The tournament is expected to end on 7-22-01.

I made another trip to Simu HQ yesterday. After cooling off in the server vault(great A/C) from the summer heat wave, I picked up some software which will be used to create the installer for milestone #1. Hopefully I'll have the installer ready in a day or two.

  JUNE 30TH, 2001

Post release milestone #1 is almost ready! This will be the first major update to CyberStrike 2 since early '99. The primary fix for this milestone is the USB mouse problem. I put in a fix for the mouse control options, mainly Arcade mode. We still felt that users with very fast hardware may be able to move too fast. There didn't appear to be anyway to fix this with the existing Arcade mode code. So, I decided to scrap it and write almost a completely new Arcade mode. This has been done, and is now being tested by the CyberStrike 2 staff to see if anymore changes are needed. Everything else that will be in milestone #1 is also finished.

My goal has been to have milestone #1 released before the current tournament is over and it looks like it will be. ::crosses fingers::


After over 2 and a half years, we're moments away from resuming development on CyberStrike 2! 

I'll be taking over this Journal and the Development of CyberStrike 2. Most of you know me as Myke the Senior CyberOp.


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