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CyberStrike 2 Rules of Conduct


This page details the rules under which users may participate in CyberStrike 2. The goal of these rules is to provide an enjoyable experience for the majority of the users. Because CyberStrike 2 is a multiplayer game, there can sometimes be a conflict between an individual user's idea of entertainment and that of the majority of the players as a whole. In such situations, the majority will be given the greatest weight. Please read these policies carefully so you understand the rules under which you can play CyberStrike 2 and interact with the other players.

CyberStrike 2 is presented on an AS-IS basis. Usage of the CyberStrike 2 product indicates acceptance of this, and any risk that may imply.

Simutronics is not obligated to credit a user (with experience, in-game money, inventory, or otherwise), if his/her usage is interrupted by a software failure or other service interrupt. Simutronics' sole obligation is to make a reasonable effort to fix a software problem or to return service as quickly as possible (except in cases where the service interrupt is not related to the CyberStrike 2 product itself).

CyberStrike 2 is designed for the enjoyment of everyone, and as a general rule, any behavior which is specifically targeted to lessen that enjoyment for another player, may be in violation of CyberStrike 2 policy. One example of disruptive behavior may be an individual who insists on targeting new players for sadistic pleasure. It is understood that CyberStrike 2 is a game of combat, but malicious hunting down of weaker players may be determined as abusive behavior. Simutronics reserves the right to determine what is and is not unacceptable behavior.

Please remember that CyberStrike 2 is a product designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages, and harsh language is clearly inappropriate. This also applies to your callsign and clan name. Obscene and/or offensive names will not be tolerated.

In certain situations, the overall pattern of behavior on an account or a set of linked accounts may be determined to be disruptive or abusive, even if no one single act clearly violates any specific policy. In such cases, Simutronics reserves the right to determine what patterns of behavior are defined as "high-maintenance" or "disruptive" and may take action against the account(s), ranging from a simple request to moderate the high-maintenance behavior, to total lockout of all linked accounts.

Casual discussion is a part of the game. CyberStrike 2 must not be used, however, as a venue for promotion of competing products or services. Individuals who actively promote other competing products or services within CyberStrike 2, may be locked out.

Attempts to gain an unfair advantage which circumnavigates the letter and/or spirit of the rules presented in the documentation and the version notes, as judged solely by Simutronics, are a violation of policy. Types of abuse range from sending special characters or signals to the software to obtain an unusual result, to using normal game mechanics in ways they are clearly not intended.

Abusing bugs disrupts the balance of CyberStrike 2 and reduces its effectiveness to remain an entertaining product. Sometimes there will be a great temptation to abuse a bug for personal gain because the negative effect is not readily apparent. However it should be understood that the consequences of allowing bugs and loopholes to be exploited is so detrimental to the product, that Simutronics will exercise no tolerance whatsoever for anyone participating in this type of activity.

Bugs should always be reported. If you observe someone else abusing a serious bug, or discussing a plan to abuse one, and fail to report it, you are subject to the same penalties as they are. Serious bugs should be reported through CyberStrike 2 Feedback.

Rewards obtained from bug abuse may be confiscated, at Simutronics' sole discretion. Failure to cooperate with Simutronics as to the extent or nature of a bug, or failure to be honest about the rewards obtained from bug abuse, is grounds for immediate lock-out from CyberStrike 2.

Difficulties with the internet can include unexpected disconnects or delays in information being passed between the CyberStrike 2 Front End and Back End. These problems are generally unavoidable and although Simutronics will investigate persistent problems, no compensation of any sort will be granted for problems of this type.

Generally, CyberPods cannot be transferred from one account to another, except in certain specific situations. All such requests will be cleared through Simutronics management.

Any CyberPod which has been inactive for 90 days or more is in danger of being purged from the database. If this happens, your only option is to start with a new CyberPod, since nothing from the old one will remain. This also applies to clans of which all members have been inactive for 90 days.

Simutronics is the sole judge of the accuracy of any high score lists and other event score listings. An announcement by Simutronics as to the winners of an event, is final.

Should it appear that your score, or that something else about your CyberPod or clan has changed unexpectedly, you may inform us by leaving CyberStrike 2 Feedback, and giving an explanation of the situation. Simutronics will attempt to investigate the problem, and may, at its sole discretion, authorize adjustments to your score, CyberPod, or clan.

We consider our CyberOps in CyberStrike 2 to be equivalent to a GM in a tabletop game, which means that they have the authority to monitor everything that goes on in the world, and to add and modify with the intention of keeping interest high and promoting the overall enjoyment of the product. It is not Simutronics policy, however, to eavesdrop on private conversations unless there is a reasonable concern that such conversations relate to bug abuse, disruptive behavior, or ongoing events. In general, our policy is to respect player privacy as much as possible, however it must be made clear that all actions and conversations within CyberStrike 2 are subject to monitoring.

Anyone found to be in violation of the policies described in this document, at the sole discretion of Simutronics, will be subject to the following:

  1. First violation: The user will be locked out of CyberStrike 2 for a period of up to two weeks.
  2. Second violation: The user will be locked out of CyberStrike 2 and all other Simutronics products present and future permanently.

In certain circumstances, such as extremely abusive behavior, a user may be locked out without warning or notice of any kind. However, Simutronics will follow up with an Email explaining why this step was taken.

Any attempt to modify the CyberStrike 2 Front End software in order to gain any sort of advantage or in some way change the operation of the Front End or the communication link between the Front End and Back End, is considered a serious abuse. The Front End and Back End software monitor themselves for this type of activity. If this type of abuse is discovered, Simutronics, at its sole discretion, may lock you out of CyberStrike 2 permanently. We have ZERO tolerance for anything of this nature!

Additional policies from time to time may become necessary, such as unique policies for a quest.

It is also Simutronics policy that if anyone is locked out of one Simutronics product, for any reason, Simutronics may choose to lock that user's accounts out of ALL Simutronics products, on all services. This includes current and future Simutronics products. If a user is discovered to be playing on an account which is registered to a fraudulent or incorrect name, address, or billing method, that may also be grounds for immediate lockout.

Simutronics reserves the right to make special-case adjustments to its policies and the steps it takes concerning violation of these policies.

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