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CyberStrike 2: Frequently Asked Questions

CyberStrike 2

When will CyberStrike 2 be released in stores?
CyberStrike 2 was released November 18, 1998.

When will the multi-player version of CS2 open on the Internet?
CyberStrike 2 is available to play multi-player NOW!

What are the minimal requirements for CS2?
You can find all the information on system requirements on our Requirements Page.  We also have a list of 3D cards we currently support, as well as those we plan on supporting for the final game.

Is there a playable demo of the game?
Yes, the CyberStrike 2 demo is in the downloads section. We think it's pretty cool - especially when you add in the high resolution graphics pack!

What weapons will I be able to use during gameplay?
From power towers to extend your power supply (and drain your enemy's!) to a variety of energy weapons and explosives - we have over 60 modules for you to use.

How many levels are in the game?
The single player game revolves around missions -- 25 each for the 2 clans. Depending where your alliegance lies, you can be a cadet zooming through the ranks of a clan trying to save their world from destruction, or you can throw in your lot with a religious zealot trying to bring on the end of the world.

Can I play CS2 over my local network?
No. CyberStrike 2 is only available for multiplayer play via

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