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Where can I upload files so that others can use them?

When we originally launched our website back in 1997, it featured a "library" of documents and files created by our customers. With the re-launching of our site in 2001, we have chosen to no longer support this service. However, we do have a wonderful list of player-created websites, and we'd be happy to see yours added to it!

I never got a response to the last Customer Service I sent!

Occasionally, mail gets lost. We'll never purposely ignore a letter you send, but it's always possible that it got lost on the way. If you haven't received a response within a week's time, it's best to write again. However, please don't write every day, or if your letter isn't answered overnight...this only slows down the process. We are getting to your letter as fast as we can.

What's the best way to ask my question, so that it will be answered soon?

The best thing to do is to write the shortest, most concise letter you can, explaining all the details in as few words as possible while still making it understandable. That way, all the information is easy to find and answer correctly.

If sending a log, please only send the pertinent parts unless we've asked otherwise. It can be very time-consuming to dig through a huge log to find what you want us to see.

Someone put up an offensive message board post! Can it be removed, please?

We monitor our message boards and games on a regular basis, but occasionally we may miss something. If you see a message board post you believe violates our Rules of Conduct, please let us know the location of the message and we will review it and take any necessary action.

How can I apply to work in the game (as a CyberOp) or on the website (as a Board or Web Monitor)?

Information about all of these positions is available in the applications section of the site. Please read these pages thoroughly if you haven't already -- they're sure to answer all your questions!

How can I apply to work for Simutronics?

Those interested in being employed at our offices in Maryland or Missouri should check out the employment opportunities page on our corporate site.

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