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CyberStrike 2


  • Position towers around walls, trees, and other hard place to shoot at.
  • Drop Shielded, Leech, and Mega towers in battle. It will establish a better power grid for your clan.
  • Use the Descrambler Module to get positive feed from enemy towers.
  • When dropping towers, keep in mind the range of each tower so that you won’t drop when too close to each other.


  • Use Auto repair before you go into battle, so that you are prepared for damage from the enemy.
  • Phalanx is a good defensive module that is good as an early warning device. It will also take out towers that are close to you.
  • If you get in to the big battles you should equip you Pod with the Hardened Shield and the Armored Hull Modules.
  • Another great set of defensive modules to equip yourself with is the Cloak and Stealth mods. Cloaking makes you invisible to other clans radar.


  • The use of Mega and Heavy Capacitor will allow you to hold more energy and power.
  • Longshot is a great mod for shooting towers and sniping from a distance.
  • Tri-Shot is a great mod for fighting and it turns a single shot weapon into a triple shot weapon. But your energy reflects the increase in firepower.
  • The Shield Disruptor penetrates the shields of any CyberPod, making the armor exposed.


  • The use of Jumpjets works well when the user is almost out of power in enemy territory, it makes escaping a lot easier then running or jumping.
  • Hoverjet is useful in cities and canyons to drop towers in high places. Or it can be used to get into a nice sniping spot in top of a building.


In canyons you should use the natural environment to help your clan place a strong power grid. Use the overhangs and the natural bridges to defend your towers. Look at your map frequently and keep in mind that sometimes there are many different routes to take to get to the same place. Generally the rule for canyon fighting is that: Whoever establishes the highest ground has the advantage.

Cities are a whole different ballpark. You have to be careful around each corner. An enemy could be waiting to kill you. Try to stay on the roofs of buildings if you can. Once a building is secure keep an eye on your radar and watch for attacking clans. There are a lot more places to hide in cities and if you don’t watch your back you could fall victim to an enemy that found you – before you found him.


The forest tactics are very similar to the canyon tactics. Try to stay aware of your surroundings. Place towers around the roots of trees and try to keep your power grid strong but spread out. Keep an eye on the trees above. A surprise attack from above can ruin anyone’s day.

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