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KEYPAD 8 Forward
KEYPAD 6 Right
ENTER Order a regular tower
DELETE Toggle dead eye aiming
* Center view
KP-, KP+ Raise and lower turret
CTRL Toggle zoom view (Sniper Mode)
< > Toggle Radar/Roster/Territory windows
[ ] Radar zoom and unzoom
E Target enemy
F Target friendly
T Target visible
Open chat with all teams
` Closed chat with team only
X Toggle external view
SHIFT+arrow Change external view
SHIFT+; Toggle HUD instrumentation
H Help
M Module subsystem
Y Shake CyberPod head yes
N Shake CyberPod head no
B Shrug CyberPod
0-9 Activate module in the corresponding bay #
SHIFT+(0-9) Eject module from the corresponding bay #


F1 Use repair module
F2 Toggle Phalanx
F3 Activate jump jet
F4 Toggle hover jet
F5 Activate grenade module
F6 Activate rockeye module
F7 Activate cluster rocket module
F8 Activate tracking rocket

Note: When an expendable weapon module is activated it does not fire the selected module (except for mines). Once an expendable weapon module is selected you must then use to fire button to launch them.