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Terran Alliance

Terran AllianceDedicated to the preservation of life on Syren, the Terran Alliance includes many of the best scientific minds on the planet. Their goal is to protect the planetary population from devastation as Syren drifts into its new orbit, closer to the sun. The leaders and members of the Terran Alliance believe that technology is the key to the future.


Disciples of the Apocalypse

DisciplesUnder the leadership of Master Brother Jebediah Brightman, the Disciples of the Apocalypse have a holy mission to facilitate the coming of the End. The devout followers of this religious cult believe the Great Apocalypse draws neigh, and their purpose on Syren is to prevent the efforts of the evil Terran Alliance from interfering with Heaven's Plan.


Knights of Iron

KnightsThis ragtag collection of distant colonists fear both dominion by the Terran Allianceand the destruction promised by the Disciples of the Apocalypse. Seeing conspiracies and collusion everywhere they turn, this home-grown militia wants a planet free from government interference in personal freedom. Their desire is to maintain the status quo, working the major powers against each other in the hope they will achieve mutual destruction.


Syren Liberators

Liberators The newest and smallest of the clans, the Syren Liberators are secretly lead by Governor Ruger of Chimreor. The Syren Liberators initially supported the efforts of the Terran Alliance, but have since come to believe the Alliance plans will devastate the surface of the planet as surely as the efforts of the Disciples. While publicly and openly supporting the Terran Alliance, the Governor feeds sensitive information to the Syren Liberators who use that information to forestall the efforts of the Alliance.


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