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The History

The dawn of the new millenium brought political and economical changes that radically affected the power structures of human civilization. With worldwide governmental failure to effectively deal with problems such as the Year 2000 Computer Bug, the failure of the Fair Resource Distribution Act, and the dissolution of the United Nations, citizens around the world lost faith in the governmental bodies they once supported.

By combining their economic clout, commercial entities across the globe formed powerful Mega-Corporations. These highly efficient and focused bodies of power quickly stepped in to fill the voids left by the failed governments. Free from bureaucratic interference, the Mega-Corps flourished, taking over virtually all public and private programs.WormHole

The sudden and dramatic appearance of a wormhole in stable orbit around the planet Mars astonished and bewildered the best minds of the 21st century. NASA Corp.'s new mission was to explore the nature of this new phenomenon. For two years, efforts to penetrate the depths of the wormhole phenomenon resulted in failed attempts until finally the Sagan IV probe was able to return, intact, from the other side.

The images it returned rocked both the scientific and religious communities. Orbiting a distant and unidentified G-type star was a remarkably Earth-like world. Dubbed Syren, for its lush appearance, this new world beckoned for exploration and colonization.

NASA Corp.'s first mission to Syren revealed a world rich in valuable resources. Exploration began immediately, and within a year of the Sagan IV mission the first colony was established. The discovery of abundant, natural deposits of Tritium-platinum, the only known catalyst capable of sustaining a cold-fusion reaction, caused a flurry of activity, the like of which had not been seen since the gold rush days of the 19th century.Draven.jpg

The Mega-Corps rushed to the opportunity to establish claims on the rich deposits of the rare mineral. Boom towns rose and fell as new deposits were discovered and quickly mined to exhaustion. Syren became the new frontier, a wild and lawless frontier as the Mega Corps battled over rights of ownership. As greater amounts of the rich energy source made it back to Mars and Earth, demand for tri-platinum rose. Mines became the sites for armed conflict. Syren became the new Wild West. Weapons were far easier to import than the efficient system of law and order known on Earth.

New frontiers are ripe proving grounds for both new ideas and radical fundamentalism. When the little known religious leader, Jebediah Brightman, established his home on Syren and announced his "Prophecy of the Coming Apocalypse," there was no lack of devoted followers to pick up his cause. Brother Jebediah proclaimed it had been revealed to him that the world of Syren faced a disaster of astronomical proportions that would lead to the destruction of the world in a fiery apocalypse the would consume the faithless, and release the faithful to enter heaven. In that revelation, the destiny of Syren was sealed.

The sudden and violent collapse of the wormhole left Syren cut off from Earth. What little political and economical organization the settlers had vanished when it was discovered that the collapse of the wormhole had altered the orbit of the world. Syren's future became frighteningly clear as the planet drifted into a new orbit, closer to its sun.

Cut off from Earth, the power of the Mega Corps withered. Resources were rare in the new, harsh environment. The lost colonies quickly organized themselves into a system of clans, battling for domination. A new world order arose and a terrible future presented itself: The Clan Wars!


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