Web 1.0: Credits
Grand Posting Of Those That Did Stuff

Keeper of the Holy Notepad &
Arranger of Conjunction
John Donham

Mistress of Holy Beautification
Starr Mahoney

Great Maker of Spherical Happiness
Greg Hammond

Artistic Provisioner & Psychiatric Advisor
Curtis Cannell

Technowhatzicologist & Webhead
Jeff Gatlin

Goddess of Words & Wisdom
Susan Kath

Scruncher of the Fonts of Behemoth
Melissa Callaway

Pontificator of Mystical Secrets
Roger Johnston

Secret Society of
Those That Know How

Greg Allen
Bryan Files
Curt Regentin
David Metzener
David Whatley
Lynn Carmichael
Oren Golan
Trent Tobler
Andy Finkenstadt
Russ Whiteman

Supreme Deity & Creator of the Holy Pen
David Whatley

Keeper of the Holy Pen Which Signs Checks
Neil Harris

Mystic Rulers of Worldly Power
Suz Dodd
Eric Slick
Kath Nyborg
Malcolm Griffiths

High Goddess of the Mystic Rulers
Elonka Dunin

Wielder of the Most Powerful 800 Number
Bruce Ferguson

Great Humble Saviors & Bringers of Mana
Domino's Pizza

Most Powerful Provider of Bubbly Liquid
The Pepsi Guy

Holy Avatars of Those Not Mentioned Above
Becky Clarke
David Dean
Ben Hanson
Brett Harper
Jeff Dobson
Kim Porcelli
Michelle Montano
Steph Shaver
Tamma Speraneo

Most Powerful Thanks To

Bill Higgs
Nora Melton
David Rice

Wouldn't it be cool if you had Java so you could see all this happy stuff?


10. GemStone IV, DragonRealms, Modus Operandi, CyberStrike... They're just a bunch of stupid games, but hey... some people seem to like em.

9. Feeling webbed? Come play GemStone IV and get untrammeled!

8. Simutronics Lotsa-Player Games Network: Lotsa Games, Lotsa Players.

7. Only Teiro could be responsible for bringing Simutronics to the web!

6. Simutronics Games: Our screen scroll is 20% faster than the other games!

5. She's like way way kewl! Talk about cute... huh? Oh... I thought you said Deb Slogans.

4. Simutronics SUPER SONIC! Hey yeah! SUPER SONIC!

3. Play Simutronics games on the web and get Unlimited use of the SMILE verb!

2. Only you can prevent forest fires... by staying home and playing Simutronics Games!

1. It was a dark and stormy night. We were surfing the web trying to find something cool. Then suddenly a shaft of scintillating light pierced the screen and struck the ground in front of me! The beam of light then exploded in a shower of sparks and a young man was standing in its place. He then smiled and said, "Hi. I'm David Whatley, CEO of Simutronics. Wanna play one of my games?"


The above number has no importance in the grand scheme of the universe. Pay it no mind.