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GemStone IV Special Events
Troubled Waters - Prime 
Troubled Waters - Prime Sailing the Northern Waves of the Great Western Sea, krolvin warships raid the Elanthian coastline in the name of the Slavers Guild. The price for able men, women, and children keeps the Krol in business, as the slavery trade from Glaoveln to the Southern Waves of the Great Western Sea runs rampant. Brave volunteers are called upon to board a chartered schooner and join a rescue mission to save those taken captive. The schooners sail out to known slave-trading routes to intercept krolvin ships, which volunteers board to meet the enemy head on. Because of the high volume of krolvin traffic on the trade routes, schooner captains dare not stay longer than two hours, lest krolvin reinforces arrive and add the volunteers to their slave inventory. Up to 10 players can participate in the next GemStone IV Adventure, a small-scale quest starting at an introductory price of $14.99 that takes roughly two hours to complete. This is a combat-heavy quest, but is designed to accommodate a wide mix of professions and levels.
Tickets for this event are unavailable for purchase at this time.
Return to Black Swan Castle 
Return to Black Swan Castle Black Swan Castle has a long and storied past. While it was once the pride of the countryside, resplendent with its pristine white marble walls and graceful swan-like curves, dark magic twisted it into its current form a century ago when undead hordes descended on it and the surrounding village. Vestiges of the battle are still visible both inside and outside the castle. Rumors of dangerous booby traps inside the Castle abound. Can you get by them and discover the source of the trouble? Do you have the brains, guts, and heart to Return to Black Swan Castle?
More Information · Tickets for this event are unavailable for purchase at this time.
A Night at the Academy! 
A Night at the Academy! Explore a slice of Elanthia's past, sharpen your weapon skills against hordes of undead, and walk away with untold treasure as you explore The Turamzzyrian Academy of Elanthian History! As you step into the past, battle fierce undead and search the area for the artifacts to return them to their proper locations to defeat the plans of an evil malignant spirit! Be quick, however, because as the undead energies keep rising, eventually you will be overwhelmed!
More Information · Tickets for this event are unavailable for purchase at this time.

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