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The Kermorian Timeline

239 BL The Resistance War begins

Tiero attempts to conquer the rest of the Seven Star Empire. Darkstone falls to Tiero.
238 BL Lanival raises a small force to fight against Tiero

Corik and Morganae ally with each other
237 BL Lanival gains the support of a S'Kra Mur tribe, greatly increasing his strength

Uthmor is rescued and begins his training under Benjor

Construction begins on the city of Shard
236 BL Darkstone falls to Lanival after a protracted battle between the two armies

Delegate Nissa, a survivor of the assassination, defects to Lanival
235 BL Governor Jelstad of Therengia joins with Lanival
234 BL Tiero suffers a defeat in the Battle of the Segoltha

Uthmor becomes General of Lanival's army
232 BL Ka'len dies in an ambush

Shard is completed
231 BL Lanival is captured by Tiero's troops

Nissa gives herself up to free Lanival. She is executed.

The Battle of the Spine takes place. Tiero dies, ending the Resistance War
230 BL The Imperial land is divided into five sovereign states (Zoluren, Therengia, Ilithi, Qi, and Forfedhdar).

Construction begins on the Crossing.

Reign of Prince Blaeduan Guemos of Zoluren begins

Governor Jelstad Theren of Therengia takes the title of Baron
229 BL The Hounds of Rutilor is established
228 BL King Ruahhgi of Ratha creates the Merchant Council
227 BL The Merchant Council establishes the Trade Calendar, reenabling accurate recordkeeping
224 BL The modern-day Empath Guild is established
225 BL Muspar'i is completed

Reign of Queen Shorka of Velaka begins
210 BL Borrugar Steadfoot disappears
208 BL The Dragon Priests begin constructing a temple near Wyvern Mountain
205 BL Sh'kial is killed

Dzree becomes the High Priestess of the World Dragon
203 BL The Dragon Priests begin raiding mountain villages in Southern Ilithi and Adamantia

Baron Jelstad dies

Reign of Baron Bamiec Theren begins
201 BL Prince Blaeduan dies

Reign of Prince Aesetani Guemos of Zoluren begins
202 BL Missionaries from Wyvern Mountain depart for Velaka and Qi
198 BL Ferdahl Corik attempts to purge the Dragon Priests from Ilithi, but they outmaneuver his army

Shard falls to the Dragon Priests and is razed
197 BL Ferdahl Corik leads a raid on the Priests' concentration camps

Dzree attacks HighHold
196 BL The Stone Clan sentinels are created

Dzree recalls her forces from HighHold in failure
195 BL The Dark Hand is created in South Ilithi/Adamantia, destroying the land

HighHold is isolated

The Vykathi are created
194 BL The Dragon Priests assault the Crossing
193 BL The Hounds of Rutilor are wiped out

Prince Aesetani dies in battle

The Crossing falls to the Dragon Priests
192 BL The Fae "Frostweavers" are summoned by the Dragon Priests

Dzree has the Guemos family executed publically
191 BL With two of the Five Provinces under their control, the Dragon's Empire is established as a theocracy Dzree as Empress/High Priestess

The Dragon's Empire


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