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Latest News

ICYMI: March Releases! - DR-PERSIDA on 04/03/2017

Development and World Event releases from March!

Catch up on what you might have missed: 

  • TM Foci
  • Cleric Ritual Updates
  • Necromancer-held Island
  • Goblins in Hib
  • A Lich attacks the Crossing
  • Lotus Weaver Urdesas and Armorsmith Kauko do alterations

... and so much more!

Duskruin: Bloodrunes! - Producer on 03/16/2017

Beginning Friday, March 17th at 9pm Eastern, adventurers from across Elanthia will storm Duskruin to compete for power, treasure, and the ALL NEW BLOODRUNES!


Su Helmas: Revealed!

Beginning Friday, January 20th at 9pm Eastern, adventurers from across Elanthia will storm Su Helmas to search for power, treasure, and LUCK!

The Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze! - Webstaff on 10/14/2016

The Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze is a massive labyrinth set up in the corn fields of Arthe Dale to celebrate a bountiful harvest! It's fun for both adventurers and commoners, with spooky delights and haunted passageways. The maze becomes considerably spookier at night! With a small token entry fee, you can explore the enormous maze and gain prizes!


Investigator Soraent has released the High Temple's findings on recent events.  Find out what has been made of all of the attacks, visions, and other Holy portents!

Hollow Eve: Secrets of the Spider - Webstaff on 10/10/2016

Hollow Eve 2016


It all started when the stars fell ...

Are you brave enough to uncover the truth behind it all?


Hollow Eve: Secrets of the Spider opens on October 28th!


The event you’ve waited for all year is just around the corner!  Purchase a ticket for Hollow Eve 2016 and get access to:


  • A special gift exclusive to this year’s Hollow Eve!

  • Updated shops and games!

  • Free raffles with unique items up to Tier 5 in strength!

  • New and unique items in the coin auction!

  • New adventures and storylines!


Duskruin:Moonshard Hunter

Drathrok and Zoluren’s leaders are sending out the call far and wide for brave adventurers to step back into the arenas and Dwarven mazes to hone their skills for the battles that lie ahead!

Come test your limits!

Taisidon Safari Returns! - Webstaff on 07/29/2016

TraderForget the crazy summer heat, and join us on a tropical island adventure!  Fantasy Excursions is inviting adventurers back to Taisidon for another Safari!

Tinkering Release - Webstaff on 05/09/2016

Book PurpleTinkering books and equipment are now available in the Fang's Cove Engineering Hall.


Pendant Dark GearAs of a few minutes ago, the update to inventory slots just went live! Premium subscribers are gaining a total of 15 (or 16 if you have a tail!) slots.


Mushroom RustAugs Uda now has a completely overhauled inventory. The shop now sells healing teas that work off of the remedies system.

It's Bacon Man's Birthday! - Webstaff on 05/11/2016

...and we plan to celebrate all month long!  Read on to see how YOU can join in!

New Storage Furniture! - Webstaff on 05/10/2016

Home Storage FurnitureWe've updated the SimuCoin Store with a new home furniture item and cleaned up the older furniture!  Now you can design the perfect piece for your home to store all of the things in (or on, or under, or behind)!


Gem Square RedInformation regarding gems and metals from near Siksraja!

Rakash Traditional Healing Practices - Webstaff on 04/27/2016

EmpathRakash healing practices in their western homelands were very different than what is common in the east today. Though there were of course those who were sensitive to the ebb and flow of Life, empathic healing as taught to Guilded folks was not something practiced by the Rakash. Instead, they sought to find Enelne's Face within the plants that She had given them. It was with the knowledge that they gained from this that the Rakash developed their practice of healing teas.

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