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A stormy realm of enchantment awaits you! DragonRealms is a high fantasy roleplaying game that features a vast and detailed world to explore, amazing creatures to meet and fight, and a wide variety of professions and races to build your character from!

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Troubled Times: Clerics of Drogor - Webstaff on 11/12/2014

ClericAs you trudge through the growing puddles in the streets, a movement in the corner of your eye draws your attention. A dark-robed figure huddles against an empty cage, shivering as he pulls the ample folds of fabric more tightly about himself. He notices your momentary pause and looks at you with tired, weary eyes.

Thank you to everyone that submitted an entry. Voting will be open for a week. At the end of the voting period, the winners be revealed and prizes will be distributed.
New Player Guide Contest - Webstaff on 10/28/2014

Scroll n Quill GreenElanthipedia currently hosts a few excellent guild guides, but we need YOU to make them even better!

A Private Session with the Witch - Webstaff on 10/14/2014

Scroll w TextTired of the long lines? Want to skip the middle men? Do you want to be one of the chosen few? Keishalae is happy to oblige!

October Player Costume Contest - Webstaff on 10/08/2014

We're bringing back the monthly contests! What better way to kick it off the same way it started last year? DragonRealms will be hosting a costume contest for all of YOU! Yes, YOU, the players -- the ones sitting there tapping away at your keyboards making your stories happen and your numbers go up.

Octovember Player Pumpkin Contest - Webstaff on 10/09/2014

October through November (Octovember) will be all about pumpkins! We're giving you all an extra month this year so you can show off Halloween pumpkins, too. Your pumpkins can be carved, drawn on, decorated, or artistically smashed to pieces. Show us your creativity! If you're sharing a baked good, be prepared to share a recipe along with your submission. (Please?!)

Tricks and Treats at Hollow Eve! - Webstaff on 10/05/2014

Statue Merchant GoldThe event you’ve waited for all year is just around the corner!  Games, raffles, shops, and merchants -- shiny and new as well as returning favorites -- Hollow Eve 2014 has it all.  Come see what surprises await!

"Run Evan In" Memorial Run - SIMU-SOLOMON on 09/24/2014

MugMany people have asked if there was something they could do in relation to our loss of Evan, also known as SGM Socharis. This is a wonderful option.

Barrier Quest Bonanza - Producer on 08/29/2014

Skull GlowingPurchase your ticket for a September run of the Beyond the Barrier quest before September 1st and you get $4.00 off the price!  Grab yours today before they're all gone!

Something Unusual! - Producer on 06/16/2014

NecromancerNecromancers, have you found the shop that is hiding In Plain Sight? If not, it might be time to start searching!

Beyond the Barrier -- The Rewards! - Producer on 06/07/2014

ChestCurious about what treasure awaits if you successfully complete the Beyond the Barrier Quest?  Look no further!  We have your list right here!


Check out all the rare crafting materials that you can find Beyond the Barrier!Hanky Purple

M-M-M-Mega Safari! - Producer on 05/28/2014

TraderDue to popular demand for Safaris to be accessible to vacationers from many different time zones and many conflicting schedules, TSFE is pleased to offer the Taisidon Mega Safari, spanning two full weekends and all the week days in between!  Get your ticket now!

Beyond the Barrier - Producer on 05/26/2014

Skull GlowingThe last remnant of Lyras has been discovered by the Claw of Tenemlor, and they seek your aid in ridding it from the land.  Lyras, the necromancer who attempted, and nearly succeeded, in scouring the land of all life, still clings to existence in some form, trapped in the far west.  Travel Beyond the Barricade to rid the land of this threat once and for all!


RingDid you know that a Queen's Wedding Package can be used for more than just getting married?  They're great for parties for just you and your closest friends or large social gatherings open to everyone, too!  For a limited time, we're throwing in some extras for certain wedding dates!  Read on for more!

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