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Latest News

Mask WoodenWhile this isn't a full list of trees in the lumberjacking system by any means, I wanted to give you all some descriptive information on the Elanthia-specific ones as well as a few that exist IRL, but are either slightly different in their DR version, or are maybe a bit less commonly known to the bulk of non-forestry/lumber professionals in many countries.

Voucher Redemption Month! - Webstaff on 06/30/2015

ScrollDo you happen to have a voucher for a long lost merchant? Maybe you have a voucher and you don't even know what it is for! All July, GM Naohhi will be accepting emailed requests to complete these vouchers. Make sure you submit all the correct information before the event is over!


BowSharpen your shapers and saws, and stock up on stacks of deeds, because crafting just expanded again!  Read on to find out about lumberjacking and new crafting halls!

Did You Know: Gem Pouches - Webstaff on 06/25/2015

Gem BlueGem pouches can be confusing sometimes!  Is it a blue pouch or a gem pouch?  Is it tied?  Can I get my gems back?  Read on to find out!

Big Update to the Voices in Your Head - Producer on 05/21/2015

Ring SilverRicinus has made some pretty significant updates to the way gwethdesuans and albredine rings work.  These changes include adjustments to ranges and some core functionality.  More detailed information can be found here.


Skull GlowingThere's a new, exceptionally dangerous hunting area available outside the West Gate of The Crossings.  If you have to ask whether or not it's too dangerous for you, it probably is!


Coin Tarnished We've hinted at it a few times, but we have a major major major project that is both exciting and exhausting to work on where we are trying to revamp shops across Zoluren. Right now, all instances can now enjoy the updates to several shops for the clans around Crossing.

The Ultimate Showdown! - Producer on 04/08/2015

Quill GreenWhat characters from literature, movies, or comics would make the Ultimate Guild Member?  We have a fun survey for you to take so we can find out!

April Data Collection - Webstaff on 04/06/2015

Book PageNow that we've had a couple months off from our monthly contests, we thought we'd try something different. We're finding that we're rather curious what kind of window set up you all prefer to use with your clients (Avalon, StormFront, Wizard, Genie2, and Genie3.)

Guild Fest 2015 - Webstaff on 03/16/2015

Coin King GoldThe dates for this year's Guild Fest have been posted!  Read on for more info so you can plan ahead!

High Mountains and Sunfall Hub - Webstaff on 03/12/2015

Talon DarkToday in Prime, many of you were led by Darkali Swiftclaws into Sunfall Hub. You were exposed to threats at nearly every turn! S'lai scouts, malodorous bucca, and copperhead vipers. Thankfully, no one died, and everyone got to see the new areas.

For those of you that missed it, but still want to check it out, don't stress! Many people are hard at work adding the information to elanthipedia already, but for now, here's a bit of information.

Racial Titles! - Webstaff on 03/05/2015

Mask PurpleRacial titles are now live in all instances. The link below lists the full list of titles and their translations if they are in a racial language. Requirements will be Play And Find Out for one week, and then I will link another document to make the requirements public.


Crown SilverThe staffs of DragonRealms and Simutronics are happy to announce an upcoming Free To Play tier!  Read on for more details!


Coin TarnishedMore new items have been added to the store!  Check out the details here!

New Simucoin Items Added! - Webstaff on 02/09/2015

Key Purple GemWe've been listening to your feedback!  We're happy to announce the release of several new items to the SimuCoins store!

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