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Latest News

Coin King DullOur second batch of updates to Zoluren shops are now live! The majority of the shops that were on the list to be updated next were done. However, some reshuffling was done to give a few shops more priority. Many new players may really enjoy the changes!

Creature Information Drive - Webstaff on 08/05/2015

Statue Dragon BronzeYES, it IS another contest! And, it's another one where we are handing out Level 1 RPAs. Crazy, right? So here's what's happening..  In response to the so many complaints about insufficient information about creatures on elanthipedia, we're going to reward the people that make UESFUL edits over the next month.

Housing Crisis? Housing Cries Heard! - Webstaff on 08/05/2015

Statue PreistYou spoke up, and we listened! You wanted to help make it happen, and many of you did! Now we have the first batch of neighborhoods ready for moving in! As of about thirty minutes ago, three new neighborhoods have opened up around Crossing. Here's the skinny on where to find them and what types of housing are available!

Taisidon Safari Returns! - Webstaff on 07/22/2015

TraderFantasy Excursions is bringing back their Taisidon Safari Deluxe package for those seeking an exotic getaway!  Read on to find out how to get your ticket!

Special Promo Expiring - Act Fast! - Webstaff on 07/24/2015

Coin King SilverAs Taisidon Safari and Hollow Eve approach, we wanted to share the details of a special promo that's expiring soon!  Tell your friends and family, and bring them along as we head into our busy season!

Premium HE Shop Design Contest - DR-NAOHHI on 07/14/2015

Quill Tattered RedSome of you have declared interest in creating shops, and specifically, creating Premium shops. Here's your chance, so get your creative juices flowing!

New section in Fenwyrthie's Curio Shop. - DR-NAOHHI on 07/10/2015

You all asked for it, and we're here to deliver -- just not within 30 minutes, so no free pizza today.  As part of our ongoing Premium Drive, we've released many old monthly gifts as well as unlocked Estate Holder rings for in game coin!Ring Gemmed Green


Statue Goddess GreenFor those of you that missed events this week, Ra'yureko introduced several people to the world, lead outsiders into yet another Prydaen Hub, and coordinated with three Claw members to allow all untainted Prydaen to visit them within the Hut of the Three in the tree-dwelling Hub. There are newly discovered and dangerous dryads guarding the way, but many more trees to chop down! Be sure to check out the goods for sale and grab yourself a squirrel from a snare before taking a daring ride on the swing.

Updated Lost and Found! - Webstaff on 07/07/2015

Book PageHas that pesky janitor snatched away your prized bonded weapon?  Did he sneakily take your registered backpack when you looked away?  All is not lost!  Read on!


Mask WoodenWhile this isn't a full list of trees in the lumberjacking system by any means, I wanted to give you all some descriptive information on the Elanthia-specific ones as well as a few that exist IRL, but are either slightly different in their DR version, or are maybe a bit less commonly known to the bulk of non-forestry/lumber professionals in many countries.

Voucher Redemption Month! - Webstaff on 06/30/2015

ScrollDo you happen to have a voucher for a long lost merchant? Maybe you have a voucher and you don't even know what it is for! All July, GM Naohhi will be accepting emailed requests to complete these vouchers. Make sure you submit all the correct information before the event is over!


BowSharpen your shapers and saws, and stock up on stacks of deeds, because crafting just expanded again!  Read on to find out about lumberjacking and new crafting halls!

Did You Know: Gem Pouches - Webstaff on 06/25/2015

Gem BlueGem pouches can be confusing sometimes!  Is it a blue pouch or a gem pouch?  Is it tied?  Can I get my gems back?  Read on to find out!

Big Update to the Voices in Your Head - Producer on 05/21/2015

Ring SilverRicinus has made some pretty significant updates to the way gwethdesuans and albredine rings work.  These changes include adjustments to ranges and some core functionality.  More detailed information can be found here.


Skull GlowingThere's a new, exceptionally dangerous hunting area available outside the West Gate of The Crossings.  If you have to ask whether or not it's too dangerous for you, it probably is!

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