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A stormy realm of enchantment awaits you! DragonRealms is a high fantasy roleplaying game that features a vast and detailed world to explore, amazing creatures to meet and fight, and a wide variety of professions and races to build your character from!

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Something Unusual! - DR-PERSIDA on 06/16/2014
Necromancers, have you found the shop that is hiding In Plain Sight? If not, it might be time to start searching!
Beyond the Barrier -- The Rewards! - DR-PERSIDA on 06/07/2014
End treasure for the new quest:
Rare materials found Beyond the Barrier! - DR-PERSIDA on 06/07/2014
Enelne’s eyes
M-M-M-Mega Safari! - Producer on 05/28/2014

TraderDue to popular demand for Safaris to be accessible to vacationers from many different time zones and many conflicting schedules, TSFE is pleased to offer the Taisidon Mega Safari, spanning two full weekends and all the week days in between!  Get your ticket now!

Beyond the Barrier - Producer on 05/26/2014

Skull GlowingThe last remnant of Lyras has been discovered by the Claw of Tenemlor, and they seek your aid in ridding it from the land.  Lyras, the necromancer who attempted, and nearly succeeded, in scouring the land of all life, still clings to existence in some form, trapped in the far west.  Travel Beyond the Barricade to rid the land of this threat once and for all!


RingDid you know that a Queen's Wedding Package can be used for more than just getting married?  They're great for parties for just you and your closest friends or large social gatherings open to everyone, too!  For a limited time, we're throwing in some extras for certain wedding dates!  Read on for more!


Help us celebrate DragonRealms Platinum's 15th Anniversary with a month-long festival that runs throughout April!  We'll be offering a free trial so you can spend a whole 30 days getting to know the Platinum community, shopping with merchants, participating in roleplaying events, and enjoying the unique experience of DragonRealms Platinum!

Travel Elanthia: M'Riss - Webstaff on 02/18/2014

TraderWelcome back to Travel Elanthia, where we will periodically be visiting a different city or area in the game to explore its unique features, history and lore, politics and more!  For this edition, we're returning to Qi to explore the island of M'Riss.

February Quests - SIMU-SOLOMON on 01/16/2014

Key Aqua GemmedTickets are up and February is full of opportunities for adventure!

Take a "Peak" at Wyvern Mountain - Producer on 01/14/2014

Statue Dragon GreenWyvern Mountain, a new high-level hunting area, is now live! Test your mettle against fierce Wyverns, immense Ice Archons, and the evasive Telga Orek! Can you climb all the way to the peak, and do you dare to swim at the top of the falls? If so, just head out the west gate of Shard!

2013 Holiday Decoration Contest - Webstaff on 12/15/2013

We're back with another contest, new prizes, and hopefully many submissions for everyone to vote on!

Significant Magic Changes! - Webstaff on 11/14/2013

ScrollWe’re calling these changes Magic 3.1. This post is an effort to inform you of the many things that are changing in order to improve the balance of magic and combat, and also to build better niches for guilds to fill.


Thanks to a lovely suggestion from one of you, we're going to host yet another fall themed contest. This one is all about pumpkins. Your pumpkins can be carved, drawn on, decorated, or artistically smashed to pieces. Show us your creativity! (Please no baked goods, unless you just want to share a recipe!)

Just what you've always wanted? - Webstaff on 10/31/2013

GameMaster Persida recently provided a small look at one of the items that will be auctioned at this year's Hollow Eve festival!  Are you strong-willed enough to command this nightmarish creature?

The Sky Darkens - Webstaff on 10/25/2013

Book RedEvents are moving with terrifying speed.  Have you been following along?  Get up to speed here!

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